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Welcome to Better Lemons, the arts and entertainment resource that is, for lack of a better term, better than ever!
The Better Lemons journey is starting now but in many ways, it began sixteen years ago when I arrived in Los Angeles and began to find my way. I would scour Backstage West at the local newsstand, looking for auditions. I relied on an informal network of fellow actors for advice on all aspects of the industry and I would get up early to visit the newsstand, hoping to find a good review.
Better Lemons is everything that I wish I had when I arrived in Los Angeles and discovered that studying the craft is not enough, that success depends on becoming a talented promoter, marketer, and communications strategist. I learned that success depends on the ability to create a network of support and that all individual successes are the result of a collaboration.
It is from that perspective that I first launched illuminateLA which promoted “Arts, Culture, and the Ride that takes you there.” My husband, Stephen Box, and I organized bike rides and Metro adventures to everything from Bob Baker Marionettes to Black Rider at the Music Center. We promoted local theatre, film festivals, gallery shows, and happenings. Along the way, we created some of our own.
Eight years ago, I formed Bitter Lemons with a partner and we enjoyed a wild ride that included promoting 1000s of local productions and resulted in a platform that aggregated reviews and played host to a significant audience that relied on Bitter Lemons for the news and reviews from the LA Theatre Community.
Bitter Lemons ended just as the 2016 Fringe Festival started when the Editor-in-Chief wrote an editorial that ignited a controversy that cost Bitter Lemons its Fringe Festival partnership, a significant portion of its advertising, and the worst of all, the loss of trust in our readers. The Editor-in-Chief was fired but the damage had been done.
I was tempted to walk away but instead sought out the counsel of friends and strangers, all of whom echoed the opinion that LA really needs a significant resource that can support the actors and performers and producers and creators and promoters and everyone that works tirelessly to make Los Angeles the cultural center of the universe.
And so, I’m back, better than ever – this time you are my partner in Better Lemons and together we’ll collaborate, create, and innovate!
Thanks for all you do to make LA an exciting cultural mecca!
Publisher, Better Lemons

ENCI is an actor and recently turned writer and director. She is an urban cyclist, passionate about living intentionally, about leaving less behind and about living healthy. Enci is a member of SAG and AFTRA and is on the board of the 501(c)4 Bikeside and is co-founder of the Bike Writers Collective. Enci teaches all over town about web etiquettes and social media and is involved with the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council where she serves on the Arts & Culture Committee. Enci is passionate about leaning new things and currently she is studying ASL. You can visit her at http://EnciPerforms.com or read about her adventures at http://illuminateLA.com

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