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Enci Box

Editor in Chief, Administrator

LA's Theatre Critics are an integral part of LA Theatre and now it's our turn to recognize them with the Better Lemons Critic Awards.

There are nine categories for the Better Lemons Critic Awards that you can vote for:

"I LOVE LA" Award - the critic who did the most to promote LA Theatre in 2019

"Up Late" Award - the most prolific critic in 2019

"Say What?" Award - the most provocative critic

"Enlightenment" Award - the critic who does the most to inform and educate

"Name Dropper" Award - the critic most likely to review the big shows in the big theatres with the big names and the big budgets

"Theatre Hound" Award - the critic most likely to review the hidden gems, off the beaten path, those with short runs and small budgets

"Silver Tongue" Award - the most persuasive critic, capable of enticing anyone into a theatre seat

"Director" Award - the critic who is most likely to write reviews that inform the artists

and the

"Fomenter of Revolution" Award - the critic most likely to stir a conversation about theater, politics, and social justice

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If you'd like to know more about the critics, go to

Better Lemons has two groups of Critics: those who have registered with us and those who have not.

Those who are registered with us, we call Registered Critics. These Registered Critics post their own review excerpt to production pages that are registered on Better Lemons. They also give each production a Sweet, Sweet and Sour, or Sour LemonMeter rating. (We don't send out critics to review shows, so please contact the critics directly via their publication if you need a reviewer!)

Critics who have not registered with us, post their reviews online and those reviews get submitted to us by the publicists, directors, or producers of shows that are registered on our site.  The Better Lemons team also finds reviews, and then selects the pull-quote, determines the Sweet, Sweet and Sour, or Sour LemonMeter rating, and links to the original source of the review.

We appreciate and celebrate the work of all Critics, but are especially grateful for the Critics that have registered with us! Their review excerpts and LemonMeter ratings are published as soon as they submit it (their submission doesn't need to wait to be approved).

These Registered Critics ensure that the productions are getting a LemonMeter rating quickly and that their submission reflects their own opinion, not that of a publicist, producer, or a Better Lemons team member.

We appreciate these Registered Critics and we’d like to thank them, each and every one of them.

To celebrate these Critics, we are having our first Annual Top Critics Award, where our readers will be able to vote for their favorite Critic from our list of Registered Critics.

Please look at the profile pages of each Registered Critic, read their reviews if you are not familiar with them, and place your votes on the form below by 10pm on Wednesday, January 22nd.

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