The Better Lemons “Fomenter of Revolution” Critic Award for 2019 Goes To…

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ED RAMPELL from Hollywood Progressive

The “Fomenter of Revolution” Award goes to the Critic who is most likely to stir a conversation about theater, politics, and social justice.

Congratulations to Ed from all of us at Better Lemons!

Ed Rampell is an L.A.-based full-time freelance writer and author. He majored in Cinema at Manhattan’s Hunter College. After graduating, Rampell lived in Tahiti, Samoa, Hawaii, and Micronesia, reporting on the nuclear free and independent Pacific and Hawaiian Sovereignty movements for: ABC News’ “20/20,” Reuters, AP, Radio Australia, Radio New Zealand, NewsWeek, Honolulu Weekly, etc. In 1999 Rampell relocated to L.A. and contributed to: “The Finger” column for New Times L.A., Variety, Written By, The Nation, L.A. Times, L.A. Daily News, Financial Times, New York Press, Guardian, The Progressive, Sierra Magazine, Earth Island Journal, Washington Post, The Forward, In These Times, AlterNet, DestinAsian, etc. Rampell currently covers L.A.’s arts scene for:, Jesther Entertainment, People’s World, etc.

Rampell co-authored “Conversations with W.S. Merwin” and the film histories: “Made In Paradise, Hollywood’s Films of Hawaii and the South Seas,” “Pearl Harbor in the Movies, and “The Hawaii Movie and Television Book.” Rampell is solo author of the 2005 book “Progressive Hollywood, A People’s Film History of the United States.” Rampell appears in the 2005 Australian documentary “Hula Girls, Imagining Paradise.”

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Tomorrow we will announce the winner of the “Name Dropper” Award – the critic most likely to review the big shows in the big theatres with the big names and the big budgets.