The Root Beer Bandits

The Root Beer Bandits /Apr 4 - Apr 28
“The Root Beer Bandits has a cast full of comic archetypes from California's past that illustrate the state's history. And although they are fictional -- each of them represents a different idea of the laws of the land and how to achieve the American dream.*
*Joseph Leo Bwarie

Two Trains Running

Two Trains Running /Jan 26 - Mar 3
It's 1969 in Pittsburgh's Hill District, where the regulars of Memphis Lee's restaurant struggle to cope with the turbulence of a world that is rapidly changing around them.
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Man Of God

Man Of God /Jan 31 - Feb 24
A hidden discovery in a hotel bathroom changes the lives of four Korean American Christian girls on a mission trip to Thailand. Amid the neon lights and go-go bars in Bangkok, the girls plot revenge in this funny, feminist thriller.
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Paradise /Jan 26 - Feb 17
What does science have to tell us about love? Viola Davis and Julius Tennon's JuVee Productions and American Oasis present a moving, funny and thought-provoking drama about science, culture, religion and more.
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1776 /Jan 11 – Feb 3
Before Hamilton, there was 1776, the electrifying musical about the founding of America. Featuring a contemporary cast, this Tony Award-winning smash begins with a deadlocked Congress – sound familiar? Its attempts to adopt the Declaration of Independence are boiling over in heated confrontations. Spoiler alert: by the evening of July 3rd, the two sides are still miles apart! But remarkably, these contentious Founding Fathers harness their shared determination to do the right thing for a fledgling nation. See how they get it done!
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A Misunderstanding

A Misunderstanding /Jan 4 – Feb 3
In today's ever-increasingly partisan world, A Misunderstanding offers a philosophical and humorous exploration of the misunderstandings that arise when people with radically different world views become wary of one another and unable to communicate.
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A Holiday Comedy ShitSH*W

A Holiday Comedy ShitSH*W /Dec 4 – Dec 12
Original Sketches written and performed by the cast will take you on a hilariously dysfunctional walk down Santa Clause Lane. You'll laugh like a bowl of jelly, you'll cringe just as the Grinch, you'll be merry all while remembering what the true spirit of Christmas is all about; which is to always be politically correct! Mazel Tov!
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Confederates /Nov 9 – Dec 16
A young and ambitious reporter uncovers a compromising photo of the daughter of a candidate for president. An older colleague urges him to publish it immediately while the daughter and his conscience tell him to bury it. In the end, he must decide if it's a legitimate story and whether such a distinction is even relevant for our multi-platform and relentless news cycles.
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My Date With Death – A Musical Romance

My Date With Death – A Musical Romance /Nov 11 – Dec 2
Strap in and take a Dickensian sprint across the universe with Link, an isolated soul, as he falls in love with Lady Death, and her never-ending knowledge of the cosmos.
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Double Play

Double Play /Oct 5 – Oct 28
Announcing well-known playwright Dennis Danziger, after over three decades away from the stage, returns completing Act Two “Home Plate,” along with his original one act play “Pennant Fever,”written 30 plus years earlier. The two-act play titled “DOUBLE PLAY”with a fascinating history is absolutely beautiful and hilarious.
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Villainy /Oct 3 – Nov 7
A master seducer of women, Holmes was ultimately married to three women simultaneously. His many crimes included arson, insurance fraud, torture and murder. He confessed to 27 murders in a memoir, written in a response to a lucrative offer from newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst. Having received training in the medical profession, Holmes sometimes dissected the bodies of his victims, selling their skeletons to medical schools. In the most brazen portion of his career, Holmes had a “murder castle” with a pharmacy, a torture chamber, apartments for young women who disappeared mysteriously…all just three miles east of the Columbian Exposition (the 1893 Chicago World's Fair), giving rise to Holmes' nickname, “the Devil in the White City.”
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