Ashton's Audio Interview: Riley Rose Critchlow and Terry Woodberry

Actress and Producer, Riley Rose Critchlow, is best known for her work in Anime Crimes Division (2017), Timeless (2016), and S.W.A.T. (2017). Actor, Terry Woodberry, is best known for his work in Dexter (2006), Medium (2005), and Numb3rs (2005). These interviews discuss the characters they played in “The Serpent" at the Odyssey Theatre and the character's internal struggles and challenges as they relate to this work of experimental theater that explores the biblical Book of Genesis while comparing it to the modern experience.

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Ashton's Audio Interview: The cast of “The Blade of Jealousy” at Whitefire Theatre

Dashing Melchor moves to Los Angeles to court his online dating connection but unexpectedly falls in love with a mysterious veiled lady (Magdalena), and she with him. He later meets her sans veil but is unimpressed, thus igniting Magdalena's jealousy--of herself! A madcap comedy of disguise and deception, Henry Ong's modern take on a 17th century Spanish play is surprisingly relevant today, in light of society's obsession with outward beauty and how it relates to self-worth.*
Enjoy this interview about “The Blade of Jealousy” at Whitefire Theatre, running until Aug 26th. You can listen to this interview while commuting, while waiting in line at the grocery store or at an audition, backstage and even front of the stage. For tickets and more info Click here.
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*Taken from the website