The TVolution 2018 Hollywood Fringe Awards!

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The TVolution

2018 Hollywood Fringe Awards…


Burglars of Hamm's Resa Fantastiskt Mystisk


Katt Balsan – Balls'ON


Joshua Thomas – Let There be Thistles


New Musicals Inc.'s:  Manson's Girls


Mackers! & The Day I Became Black


Ain't That America



Robert Watkins, Nick Howard & Gabrielle Farrow


John Braham (Red) Ain't that America


Yokko (Medea) Butoh Medea


Christopher Johnson – The School of Night's Hercules Insane




Jack Benny (A Ménage En Train) & Shilo Kloko 

Awards aside, there are, still, far many more individuals whose talents deserve some note of distinction and we at TheTVolution wish the privilege of acknowledging them:

Honors to the following Productions:

Hush by Madcap Creative

Sex and the Musical by For the Love of Parody Productions

The Runaway Clonby Zaftig Inc., The Unknown Artists & Ruckus Rockwell

Echoes by Redbeard Theatre & Fringe Management LLC

Honors to the following Actors:

Jim Martyka (Hans Gruber) A Very Die Hard Christmas

Ben Hethcoat (Chris Burden) A Beast/A Burden

Matt Curtin (Allen Ginsberg) Beatniks: A New Musical

Jeff Sumner (Creep) Dracula's Taste Test

Steven Syzdio (Abbie Hoffman)
Uncivil Correctness:
Osama Bin Laden, Joan Rivers, Abbie Hoffman

Tim Kopacz (Philip) Resa Fantastiskt Mystisk

Chris Chapman (Henry V) Henry V (And Cocktail Party)

David Garver (Trent) American Conspiracy

 Honors to the following Actresses:

Joana Knezevic (Mrs. Alving) Ghosts

Megan Rose Ruble (Susan Atkins) Manson's Girls

Corsica Wilson (Jessica Burden) A Beast/A Burden

Tracy Leigh (Words) Easy Targets: Artists & Heroes

Pam Eberhardt (Laura) The Runaway Clone

Rachel Berman (Diane di Prima) Beatniks: A New Musical

Cyanne McCaerin (Constance Wilde) The Importance of Being Oscar

Virginia Tran (Kerri) Skin Jobs

Koni McCurdy (Birdy) Blind Spots

Melanie Holmes (Lily) Negative Spaces

 Honors to the following Performers:

Christopher Piehler – Sink or Swim

Burt Grinstead & Anna Stromberg – Dr Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Alli Miller – Craftlesque

Evan McNamara – Last Christmas

Cooper Bates – Black When I Was a Boy

Jordan Rountree – Epic Fail

Honors to the following Writers:

Mitchell Bisschop – I Can Hear You Now

Jim Vejvoda – Skin Jobs

Davia Schendel (Book, lyrics and music) – Beatniks: A New Musical

Benjamin Schwartz – American Conspiracy

Giovanni Zuniga – Pervert

John Braham –  Ain't That America

Michael Shaw Fisher (Book, lyrics and music) – Doctor Nympho vs the Sex Zombies

Pam Eberhardt (Book, lyrics)  and Jonathan Brenner (music) – The Runaway Clone

Joe Hernandez-Kolski & Joshua Silverstein — The Joe & Joshua Show  (2018 edition)

Honors to the following Directors: 

Jonghee Woo – Ghosts

Gregory Crafts – A Very Die Hard Christmas

Branda Lock – Let There Be Thistles

Jin Blanchette – The Women of Lockerbie

Changting Lu – House of Tales

Albert Dayan – Resa Fantastiskt Mystisk

Matt Ritchey – American Conspiracy

Dan Schultz – Ain't That America 



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Fire, Glass-Walk With Me: A Revealing Interview With Vixen DeVille

Fire-eating, glass-walking, circus aerial, magic, burlesque, costume crafting, comedy, and acting—British actress Cat LaCohie fits all of these skills into her life and her new solo show “Vixen DeVille Revealed", coming to the Hollywood Fringe Festival this June.

Originally from Newcastle, LaCohie began her career in London, with appearances at Cafe De Paris, The Ritz Hotel and at the Charing Cross Theatre in West End, since relocating to Los Angeles.

Having performed regularly at The Viper Room, LA Convention Center, The Roosevelt Hotel, Harvelle's Santa Monica and Long Beach, and at The Orleans Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas, and with multiple television appearances like “Masters Of Illusion,” she also teaches her craft both privately and in group workshops with classes that range from “Introduction to Burlesque & Body Confidence”—where she teaches you to “embrace the freedom to express yourself...the good, the bad and the wobbly!”—to full “Solo Act Development”, along with “Costume Crafting” and specialty performance skills that include fire performance, aerial and more.

Also currently performing with the Doll Face Dames, where there are over 30 people in the troupe who perform in rotation throughout LA, LaCohie often serves as a form of host—or Mistress of Ceremonies—a position she found through her unique use of comedy, burlesque, and having the additional benefit of a British accent in Los Angeles.

In that, she works up the audience in preparation for the show to come, laying out the rules and restrictions with charm.

"We want you to be loud and rowdy, in certain ways!," said LaCohie. "So as the host we'll get people up and shouting. We'll tell you what the rules are—don't touch the girls, don't do this, do this, don't do that—It's kind of like a stand-up comedienne."

Starting her career in burlesque in 2006, she performed for nearly eight years in the U.K. When coming to Los Angeles, she only brought three burlesque outfits, just in case she needed them, because her idea and goal was to focus on acting.

"I figured, if I need to, I can make some money doing burlesque," she said. But ultimately, she simply missed it as a performance artist and decided to continue her style of burlesque performing in Los Angeles, which then lead to teaching.

Photos by Monique A. LeBleu
Cat LaCohie, Vixen DeVille, teaches burlesque technique, style, confidence, personalization at Madilyn Clark Studios, in Burbank, Calfornia, April 9, 2018.

She began teaching basic burlesque routine moves for a company, which she found pedestrian at the time. But in conversations, people expressed fascination and a desire to perform themselves, but had reservations varying from body confidence issues to disbelief that they could ever learn the skills or master the courage.

"I met people who said 'Oh, I could never perform burlesque!' or "I could never do ... but, want to do it!,'" said LaCohie. "If you have anything in you that wants to do this, then why are you talking yourself out of it?"

In teaching, she then began focusing not on the dance moves, or the technique of it. "Looking at your confidence, looking at your character, what pleases you, and what you're going to have fun doing in front of an audience ... do you want to show your dark side, or your fun side, or your sexy side," said LaCohie.

Aside from burlesque, LaCohie is trained in fire performance—including fire eating, fire fans and fire spinning, and body burning—aerial performance, and glass walking, the latter of which she incorporates a dance where she rolls in glass and experiments with ballet. But her experimentation has not been without dangers.

From minor injuries to her knee and legs while performing in an acting class in the UK, to more serious injuries while focused and teaching after coming to Los Angeles.

Early on, while training in the Meisner Acting Technique, she thought to incorporate the new skill of glass walking into a scene with another student. After smashing a bottle in the scene, while focused on the scene, she knelt into it - a risky transaction for the yet fully trained glass walker.

Cat LaCohie, Vixen DeVille, at Madilyn Clark Studios, in Burbank, Calfornia, April 9, 2018.

"[during the scene] I thought, 'Why is it cold?' And there's blood dripping all over me. And my teacher goes. 'Whatever hinders you is your task, continue with the scene!,'" said LaCohie, so she did. "So then the guy with me in the scene is helping me mop up the blood. So I thought, 'Well I guess I can't kneel down in it!'"

Another incident, in a distracted moment while teaching, LaCohie leaned back into preset broken glass, cutting deep enough into her hand to tear tendons. Once again, she quickly made temporary self-ministrations to her wounds so that she could continue while teaching in the moment, leaving a lengthy and costly recovery for a future time.

Encouraged after speaking with friends who've participated in the annual Hollywood Fringe Festival, LaCohie has now decided to pull her skills into a solo show. For the annual festival that brings Hollywood smaller theaters to the forefront of attention each summer, she will premiere “Vixen DeVille Revealed.”

Incorporating burlesque, circus, magic, comedy, LaCohie promises to reveal “the truth behind her multi-talented Burlesque persona, VixenDeVille'”, and invite you to “discover your own inner Vixen.”

With a limited VIP Experience, she will even teach you to eat fire or walk on broken glass, live on stage as part of the show.

In the meantime, LaCohie will be teaching a two-hour workshop at The Lounge Theatre on Saturday, May 19, 2018, at 11 a.m. with an introduction to the Basics of Burlesque Performance.

With plans to return to Newcastle and London sometime soon after the Hollywood Fringe Festival, LaCohie plans to bring Vixen DeVille Revealed home.

"Vixen DeVille Revealed" opens June 1, 2018, at the Lounge Theatre, 6201 Santa Monica Blvd, CA 90038.

Go here for more show information and tickets.

For more on Cat LaCohie, listen to the podcast:

Fringe Friday: Venue Workshop Next Week + Become a Fringe Mentor + Open Houses

Mentor applications for the Fringe Scholarship Program are due by 11:59pm on January 15th.  Mentoring a Hollywood Fringe Scholarship recipient is a tremendous way to support artists, plus all mentors will receive free quarter-page ads in this year's Guide to promote their own projects. To be a mentor, you need to have participated in at least one Hollywood Fringe Festival and commit to meetings and events with your mentee.  For more information on the requirements and to apply, visit the Fringe mentor page.

The first Fringe workshop of the season, Working with Venues, is coming up next Thursday, January 18th from 8-10pm at Thymele Arts. The event is free and there will be a mixer in the space following the event with beer and wine available for a $3 donation.
Parking in the area can be tricky, so please plan ahead. There is a sub level parking garage right around the corner at 1110 N. Western ($1.50 for the first two hours or $8.00 for the day; most days garage parking is free after 6:30 pm). The venue is just down the block from the Metro's red line (Hollywood/Western or Vermont/Santa Monica) and a number of buses stop right outside the front door (757, 147, 207, 704, 4).
You can see a full list of the Town Halls & Workshops the Fringe folks be hosting this year on the Fringe blog (the first Town Hall is also coming up!).

Additionally, a number of venues will be hosting open houses next week:
The Complex Hollywood: Tuesday, January 16; 3 - 6 PM
Asylum @ McCadden Theatre: Thursday, January 18; 6 - 7 PM
Asylum @ Stephanie Feury Studio Theatre: Thursday, January 18; 6 - 7:30 PM
Asylum @ Studio C: Thursday, January 18; 6 - 7:30 PM
The Complex Hollywood: Thursday, January 18; 1 - 3 PM  and 4:30 - 6:30 PM
Thymele Arts: Thursday, January 18; 6 - 8 PM
You are encouraged you to notify the venue, if you plan to attend their open house. Please visit the Fringe venue's page at for more information and contact details.

Finally, February 1st marks the official opening of the Fringe registration period. Start your season ahead of the game by creating a project today.