Sustaining the LA Theater Community, Refugees' Stories, Fundraisers for a Cause, and More News

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Phase I of Sustaining the Los Angeles Theater Community: A Report by LA STAGE Alliance

This report is on Phase I of the “Sustaining the Los Angeles Theater Community” program, a three-year, three-phase project conceived by The Ahmanson Foundation. Phase I was implemented by a partnership of LA STAGE Alliance and NPO Solutions from May through December 2017. Twelve arts organizations (11 theatres and one dance company) were invited to participate. read more here

Do you really think a life in the theatre means making a living? Think again.

Eight words. A statement declared in eight simple words jumped out at me in a feature story on playwright Tony Kushner in today's New York Times. The eight words were stated by playwright and Kushner friend Larry Kramer, author of The Normal Heart, which we produced at the Fountain Theatre in 2015.  Commenting on Kushner's shift from playwriting to screenwriting, Kramer says, “I wish he'd go back to writing plays.” read more here

Intrepid Theatre school tour taking refugees' stories to students

  • Intrepid Theatre is taking its performance project about San Diego refugee students on a tour that the company hopes will reach 20 area schools this year.
  • The project, “Exiled Voices,” originally told the stories of 13 young refugees, as interpreted by a variety of local songwriters, choreographers and other artists.
  • The touring version, which launched recently in Chula Vista, is a streamlined version that has a couple of the artists performing and talking about their works.
  • Intrepid is also now in the early stages of developing a new project about the “DREAMERers,” in partnership with SAY San Diego.

One year ago, the stories of 13 young refugees from around the world played out on the stage of downtown's Horton Grand Theatre via dance, spoken word, song and other original creative works. read more here


Hero Theatre Announces “The Super Sabado Show” A Comedy Benefit For Puerto Rico

Hero Theatre announced the launch of “The Super Sabado Show,” a live comedy benefit event for Puerto Rico. “The Super Sabado Show” will be presented on April 14, 2018 at 8pm at The Rosenthal Theater at Inner-City Arts in Los Angeles. read more here


5 L.A. theater productions you should see this March 2018

Opposites attract, like finds like. We seem to always have an aphorism handy when two entities try to meet in the middle. But what happens when the meeting occurs onstage? Will those who meet clash forever, or will they unite to become better? The characters in these five theatrical productions connect in various circumstances and must decide on fight, flight or compromise. Meanwhile, we're betting these shows, listed in order of closing date, are worth your theatergoing time and money this month. read more here

Audio Interview: the cast of "The Happiest Song Plays Last" at The Los Angeles Theatre Center:


Alice! at Nine O'Clock Players

Sun Mar 4th 2:00pm
With all of the characters you know and love including the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, the Caterpillar, and the Queen of Hearts, Alice follows the White Rabbit into a Wonderland of talking animals, comic royalty, and a croquet game played with flamingos! A fast-paced musical where nonsense makes quite good sense.  Fun for the whole family! read more here


“There's no business like show business”… And there's no show like “SOMETHING TO CROW ABOUT.”

This marionette musical is delightfully mad..wonderfully imaginative..and the best lyric review in the theater.

Produced in Hollywood by Bob Baker Productions, it has the scope of a Broadway musical…plus the Wonderland touch. read more here

The Enchanted Nightingale

Journey to far away ancient China in this magical tale of a powerful Emperor and the rarest of treasures – an enchanted nightingale. Experience a magical Tai Chi practice, colorful fan dancing, royal wardrobe, and above all, a most valuable story celebrating the wealth in generosity and the culture and artistry of the Far East. read more here

The Really Awesome Improv Show

Saturdays 12pm • The Really Awesome Improv Show • Celebrating an 8yr run!

Fun (and appropriate) for all ages, 2yrs-200, The Really Awesome Improv Show features improv games that rely on audience suggestions and participation, is great for the whole family, and was voted “Best Kids' comedy Show” by LA Magazine! Because there's a rotating cast you'll see a different cast and games each week. Great for birthday parties and family outings! read more here


One Night Only Concert of WHEN PIGS FLY to Benefit the Actors Fund

The Actors Fund announced today a one night benefit concert of last year's planned off-Broadway revival of When Pigs Fly, that never actually got to play for an audience. The concert, which will reunite the cast members and creative team for one night only, is set for Monday, April 9th. read more here

SPW tech rehearsal of "Colored Lines" at the Laura Pels Black Box Theatre on Wednesday, August 5, 2015.

Roundabout Trains the Next Generation of Backstage Workers

The Theatrical Workforce Development Program readies young people to take on jobs backstage and in the booth.

Roundabout Theatre Company has been giving New York City public school students a taste of theatre for the past 20 years, with education initiatives that train public school faculty to teach theatre skills in the classroom, offer theatre tickets to school groups, and bring Roundabout teaching artists to all five boroughs to share lessons about different theatrical disciplines. But many students who got a glimpse backstage wanted to know more, and Roundabout recognized this as a missed opportunity to provide a pathway for interested students to build professional careers. read more here

New Streaming Series About Theatre's Swings Could Be Coming to a Screen Near You

Swings are some of the lesser-known players in the business, but these actors—who cover all of the ensemble tracks in a show (and sometimes principal roles, too)—are some of the most crucial members of any company.

A new comedy series, Swings, which is currently in production, hopes to shine a light on these oft-overlooked actors. read more here

Bringing disability to the heart of theatre

A new production of Samuel Beckett's “Not I” joins a growing movement of actors and directors making deafness or disability a part of their storytelling

THE role of the Auditor is usually dropped from productions of Samuel Beckett's “Not I”. The Irish playwright never found a way of making this silent, gesticulating character work alongside the monologue of the disembodied Mouth, suspended in the darkness eight feet above the stage. read more here

How Theater Is Inspiring Social Justice for the Next Generation

It's hard to imagine meeting someone as electrically enthusiastic as Peter C. Brosius, the artistic director of Minneapolis' Tony-winning Children's Theatre Company, the nation's largest theater for multigenerational audiences. Brosius, who is now in his 20th anniversary season, speaks with a tone of passionate intensity about theater as a tool for social justice. Whether it's cooking up ways to empower children in the creative process or leading a rare resident company of full-time Equity actors, Brosius is a pioneer director who punctuates thoughts and memories with unexhausted momentum; his ideas burst one after the other at a spectacular pace. Backstage had a phone call with Brosius to reflect on 20 years. read more here


David Moore creates cutting-edge theatre from a 30-year-old project

Keen to “challenge the authority of the original body of work”, David Moore asked the subjects of his 1980s series Pictures from the Real World to take over and made an innovative play based on their dialogue. read more here