Save the NEA Edition of: This Week's Must Read

The Lemon



As most of you are aware, the Trump administration has proposed complete elimination of the NEA. So here are a bunch of stories about it to make sure you're up to date.

  • Trump Proposes Eliminating the Arts and Humanities Endowments (NY Times)
  • How would the death of the NEA affect your community? California can cite 162 ways (LA Times)
  • What is the National Endowment for the Arts and what would we lose without it? (For starters, works like 'Hamilton') (LA Times)
  • The NEA works. Why does Trump want to destroy it? (LA Times)
  • Trump Wants to Eliminate the NEA. Here's What That Means for L.A. (LA Weekly)
  • If Trump really wants to unify American culture, he should fund public broadcasting (Washington Post)
  • Arts and Humanities on President Trump's Budget Chopping Block (American Theatre)
  • Statement from NEA Chair Jane Chu on FY18 Budget (NEA Arts Work Blog)
  • Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton: Rescue the arts from the budget chopping block (CNN)
  • Actors' Equity President Kate Shindle calls Trump's proposed elimination of NEA grants "a job killer" (Time Out)
  • Seven Influential Filmmakers Whose Careers Were Launched By Federal Funds (Esquire)
  • Tony Kushner on Trump's proposed arts cuts: 'It's an appalling idea' (Guardian)
  • In the Absence of Federal Arts Funding (Bloomberg)

Here are a couple of Onion Articles for sad laughs

  • Trump Says Wasteful NEA Hasn't Produced Single Valuable Work Since Claes Oldenburg's ‘Giant Three-Way Plug' (Onion)
  • Gaunt, Hollow-Eyed Big Bird Enters Sixth Day Of Hunger Strike Against Proposed Trump Budget (Onion)

Be sure to write to your representatives to tell them why you support the NEA.

What "must read" stories in the arts did you encounter this week?