Julie Riggott

Non-Registered Critics

Fantastic production values without great actors wouldn't add up to much, and the Wicked Lit actors are at the top of their game. Not only can they all act, but they can do it surrounded by an audience so close at times they could reach out and touch them — unlike some movie stars who can't focus with anyone in their eye line and require multiple takes. If I were to give a shout out, I'd have to list every single person in the cast... For lovers of ghost stories of all kinds, Wicked Lit is one of the best treats of the Halloween season. If you don't immediately think of Wicked Lit when everything pumpkin spice rolls out, try it this year — and start a new fall tradition. Since 2013, Wicked Lit has sold every ticket to every performance, so don't wait! Some shows are already sold out.