Review On Somewhere in the Middle

Pat Taylor

Non-Registered Critics

“…a humorously entertaining play with thought-provoking undertones and issues. Written BEAUTIFULLY by Gary Lamb, borrowing from his own family memories, he also directs the play with HEARTFELT EMOTION. The journey for the audience was soul searching and relatable, as each of us consider our own family histories. Loaded with laughs, nostalgia and wisdom, his script looks at family dynamics from all sides. …STRONG PERFORMANCES… The whole shebang is a ton of fun and well performed by all! The colorful set and props, designed with DETAILED BRILLIANCE by Joanne McGee, are visually awe-inspiring! Amanda Walter (Costume Design) and Zad Potter (Light Design) also set the mood artfully. This is an in-depth family story that held my interest from the very first moment. Do see it!” -Tolucan Times