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“We Made It A Blast! ‘Scum & Villainy' Was/Is A Jar-Jar Binks That WE Turned Into A YODA!”
THE GEEK AUTHORITY -  Lorenzo Marchessi
Yes, I had a feeling this was organized by Jar Jar Binks from the beginning. Okay, ‘Pop-Up Facilities' (Bars, Clubs, Museums, Traveling Shows) are a common thing these days. And back in July-ish of 2016 – word got out of a Star Wars Bar co...ming to Los Angeles. Specifically, the downtown Hollywood area. Awesome! Cool! Like totally! They called it ‘Scum & Villainy'. It totally looked Star Wars licensed and sanctioned way back when, but as it got closer to 2017 – the graphics and info used less and less Star Wars reference. Meaning ‘The Mouse' (the Disney Corporation) had nothing to do with this. Well, why Disney – if you just crawled out from under your Hollywood tycoon rock – Disney owns the Star Wars Franchise rights that Lucasfilm produces. Hello.Then September-October rolled around and the announcement wasn't clear on when it was opening, or how to get in, or where it would be, or how long it would be there, or did you need tickets, or is it a ‘Cantina' where it will be serving a meal, or just drinks, or if cosplay is allowed, or….100 other questions. Get the idea? Finally, the tickets, t-shirts, hats and drinking glasses with the promise of ‘reservations' were released. Long story short – (too late) it took hours to get through the website. It crashed. And crashed. And spun. And spun. And crashed again over weeks. Did the order get through? Do I have to do I again? Why are there no customer service lines? WTF?!?! The only place they Scum & Villainy people responded were Facebook and sometime e-mails.

So finally, the confirmations come then the when and where are held another 2-3 month for ‘confirmed' ticket holders. $50 a shot, with two free drinks, plus t-shirts and hats that were extra $$$! What do we get. We still have no idea. Then the address is given and we now have to select a date to go. With a group of 10 of us going – it was more than difficult to find several days we had in common let alone we could find ONE day that would work for all of us. We did.

Pic 001 – Top L. – TOP ROW: 1- The Wooden Coins for drinks –2 - Matt, Tom Misuraca, Guest, Heidi Appe, John Wallis, Christopher Gregson, Marie Petit Gregson, Kelly Goodman – Lorenzo Marchessi between two Princess Leia's – Lorenzo Marchessi and #1 Serving Sign - Middle pics. – 1 – Bartender and Bar – 2- Michael Macaraeg – 3 – Chewbacca and Lorenzo Marchessi – Bot. Row – 1 – Passing Jedi's in Han Solo Cantina Coves – 2 – The Drink Menu - 3 - Kelly Goodman enjoying Finger Foods!
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