Review On Fallen Saints: Dark

Leanne Hall


If you haven't seen Falling Saints dark!! You need to!! It was one of he most intense and mesmerizing stories I have ever seen!! It make you think about what you have endured throughout your life and what others are going through!! The beginning is so unexpected and makes your senses rise to attention! As you walk through to your seats you are introduced to a room filled with dark things and you go into the theater where you are seated!! The really neat part is that you are a part of the stage!! Once those lights go out your heart starts to flutter because you have no idea what is next!! As this happens throughout the whole show!! The cast are just amazing and they put every bit of themselves into their characters! They are what make it so mesmerizing!!! The cast and crew have put everything into this show and you will see what I mean when you go and see it for yourself!! Get out there and see it before it's gone!!!