Review On Clarissant

Mark Hein

Registered Critic

After all these centuries, playwright Hailey Bachrach has found a way to fit the King Arthur myth's many pieces together. From a woman's point of view. Little Candle gives "Clarissant" a smart, smooth production for its world premiere. If you're feeling XY, you get sword fights aplenty; if you're feeling a bit more XX, you get all the powerful knights (including Arthur) portrayed by women. And almost every actor takes a turn as a ghost. Are you a Camelot fan, a lover of quasi-medieval romances, or a player of sword-and-sorcery games? You'll find much delight in "Clarisssant." Are you a woman, a feminist of any wave, or an ally? You'll enjoy it even more. This is a worthy unveiling for a happily fresh take on Arthurian myth -- and the angle from which we need to see and tell these stories from now on.