Review On VOLTA

Carol Kaufman Segal

Registered Critic

The breathtaking accomplishments, throughout the show, are astounding.  Bicyclists fly from a high structure as they spin their bicycles in the air.  A lovely woman performs a ballet suspended at the top of the tent by her hair. There are unique accomplishments by all of the performers that will take your breath away.

At the age of seven I began studying music and dance and won every talent contest I entered. Also at the age of seven I was chosen Little Miss Twin Cities in my hometown of Crystal City/Festus, MO. In 1977 I was Mrs. Missouri in the first National Mrs. America Pageant that was televised nationwide from Las Vegas, NV. During my long career as a real estate broker, I majored in music in college, after which I became a host of a weekly classical music program over radio station KCSN (KCSN Concert Hall) followed by 10 years as host of Arts In Review at radio station KPFK. After leaving KPFK to move to Northern California, I returned to Los Angeles two years later and began writing theatre reviews for NoHoLA (later renamed MetroLa), became a contributor to The Tolucan Times writing theatre reviews and special feature articles. I also began writing an article entitled People, Places, and Things for a newspaper, The National Jewish News, and am still a regular contributor to that paper.