Review On 42ND STREET

Frank Arthur

Non-Registered Critics

Expect extravagant and lavish dance numbers with choreography that will be much of the same iconic choreography, but jazzed up and energized by the amazing choreographer, Kami Seymour Martin. Yes, there will be iconic hoofing, but I know that Martin will kickline all-new magic into the dance numbers. Above all, there's the tap dancing, the heartbeat of happiness. In “Keep Young and Beautiful,” “With Plenty of Money and You,” “There's a Sunny Side to Ev'ry Situation,” and “I Only Have Eyes for You,” this special step fuses effortless aplomb with a degree of difficulty to rival any corps de ballet's tandem arabesques. It's the perfect exponent and incarnation of the youth and hunger of driven dancers — both in 1933 and 2018. Shuffle off to Cerritos.