Daniel Faigin

Registered Critic

In general, the Blue Man Group was, well, the Blue Man Group. Strange. Silly. Wordless. Playful and curious. Childlike and childish. There were sequences that were great (such as the paint marshmallows). Audience participation was fun. But there was something off. The energy and madness was toned down a notch. It wasn’t the craziness I remembered from Vegas.

I can’t quite pinpoint the problem. Was it the significantly larger house? Was it a seeming over reliance on technology, including a massive technological set? Was it the safety for the audience a tour provides? I’m not sure. I just know the show didn’t “wow” me as it did the first time I saw them on stage.

Daniel Faigin has been regularly attending live theatre since he went with his parents to the LA Civic Light Opera production of "The Rothschilds" in 1972. Since 2004, he has been writing up every live performance that he attends -- theatre and concerts -- on his blog at . In real life, he works as a cybersecurity professional; in addition to theatre, he has a love of the California highway system.