Review On FERTILE: At Solofest via LIVESTREAM!

Ray Carsillo


Poignant and powerful, Fertile humanizes and puts into perspective the kind of conversations lots of millennials and Gen-Zers are having with their families and friends now when it comes to starting families of their own: that it just isn't as easy as it once was. Myriad reasons affect people of all types and Heather's terrific performance of all the characters she's created tugs on your heartstrings one moment with its realness, and then makes you laugh the next when you realize how absurd some of these conversations can get. Heather's a human dynamo and you can't take your eyes off her for the full 60 minutes as she bounces between personalities like she's flicking a switch. Funny and heartfelt, Fertile is an absolutely terrific show with an important message at its core. Easily the best one-person show I've seen.