Review On FERTILE: At Solofest via LIVESTREAM!

Victor Sotomayor


What I liked

The stirrups scene at the doctor’s office and when she’s trying the “turkey baster method” to become pregnant with her legs up were both done so effortlessly and hilariously, I don’t think I’ll ever forget that.
Also, the old lady living next door who becomes her sounding board and has the best advice that Heather ever needed to hear. That she is enough.
What I liked is how she explores every scenario of fertility and motherhood, not only her experience but the experience of other women who are mothers, mothers-to-be or those who’ve sworn off motherhood altogether. It offers all the alternatives and poses the question: which one you identify with and why?
Develop into a Netflix series and I’ll sign up to watch!

My overall impression

Heather did a phenomenal job embodying all the characters in her one woman show. It was like watching Cybill, but less traumatic.

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