Review On The Bully Problem

Scott Langer


What I liked
What an outstanding lead filled with charisma, commanding stage presence, and a kickass voice. I also found the lead bully to be perfect casting from his posture, facial expressions, and timbre in his voice. He was effective and wickedly fun, without being cartoonish.

Michael Gordon Shapiro is clearly in the upper echelon of songwriting – every single number has unforgettable lyrics, undeniable power to move you, is timeless, and spawns jealousy of singers in the audience thinking “I want to sing that.”

What I didn't like
I don’t know the logistics of mic-ing a handful of the actors, but some feedback was picking up from them. I was wondering if anyone needed to be mic’d at all.

My overall impression
90 minutes? What 90 minutes? This show flew by with timely songs with brilliant lyrics that endlessly charm, get stuck in your head, and make you smile the rest of your day.

In a world of bullies, cynics and critics- The Bully Problem reminds not just children, but everyone to stand up to evil forces and value community over opportunity.