Review On Mil Grus

Scott Langer


What I liked
Jeremy Sapp stood out in this cast – his comedic timing, stage presence, and improv skills are so strong. He was simultaneously graceful and ogre-like. His demon meets charm-school grin was an absolute delight.

The chord wrapped around one of the players neck attempting suicide destroyed me. Absolutely mental and hilarious.

What I didn’t like
Needs to be tightened up- some bits lagged (parking/word play/red head lamps/sorry). By shortening certain bits the cast doesn’t run out of improv steam, and by increasing the pace it will accentuate the beautiful madness.

Avoid throwing dangerous items into the crowd, a woman almost lost an eye from a flag.

My overall impression
Let me preface this by saying this is positive – Pure, unadulterated chaos and madness. At times absurd or bizarre, other times charming, but I would categorize this as anarchist theatre – a show that makes the rules, hates the rules it created, makes new ones, then makes fun of them and then the audience.