Review On Treason

Victor Sotomayor


What I liked

The writing. What Eric DePriester has managed to do is represent every American politics in a family portrait that is meant to make the audience feel uncomfortable because the polarization is all too disturbingly familiar. Standout performances by Dave Crossland as Grant Wilson and his rebellious daughter Savannah played by Emma Center.

What I didn't like

The transitions were a bit too long in between when they switched from the kitchen to Grant’s office. Luckily I love the score so I didn’t mind it much.

My overall impression

Treason has a tension meter that starts to boil early on the show as we see the Wilsons fight over a board game up until we see how deep the rabbit hole goes.
Grant Wilson’s performance is authoritarian, mean, xenophobic, stubborn, violent, tyrannical yet you can’t take your eyes away from him.

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