Review On Pit of Goblins

Victor Sotomayor


What I liked

Strong opening monologue in which Mitchell explains why he has to kill while keeping the image of being a nice guy. Heck, he’s the sheriff in town, so he must be trustworthy, right? It’s eerie to think how serial killers appear “normal” to their communities, in this particular case a small town in Albuquerque, NM.
I also enjoyed the radio talk show host role who gets some of the biggest laughs from the audience in last night’s performance.
I loved the scene where the bright strobing light that gives an eerie effect as he slowly stood up after the Goblins sent him telepathic messages that knocked him unconscious. I was waiting to jump outta my seat at any moment.

What I didn't like

Who needs a graphic designer when you have the hand drawn illustrations making you shake your head and chuckle? I had to remind myself this is Fringe and I shouldn’t question his artistic choices, it’s all part of the dark comedy skit! See? I laughed, didn’t I? Isn’t that the whole point?

My overall impression

Mitchell’s performance was great, a chameleon of many faces that surprises and delivers. Great beginning but it turned convoluted to absurd towards the end.

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