Review On Life Plan, or How to Live your Best Life in a Collapsing World!

Drew Petriello


While absurd, the worldbuilding of the near future sci fi world still manages to feel like an extrapolation of current issues, even if it is taken ad absurdum.

Every one of our four actors - sorry, "Presenters" - does a magnificent job, each conveying so much character and revealing so much about their hypothetical future world.

The multimedia aspect was solidly done - sometimes with theatre it can feel distracting or like an afterthought, but a lot of effort was put into making it look like a bona fide Tony Robbins adjacent presentation.

And it made me think a lot. It's interesting - the themes of this piece certainly scrutinize a lot of the popular self-help advice going around, but it still got me thinking a lot about those cliches. Seizing the moment and all that. As a man who perpetually doesn't know what the hell he wants, it was one more layer to the already rich existential dread cake I was having forcefed down my gullet.

This show was very funny. Also, I hardly laughed because I was seized by existential dread for about half of the runtime. Highly recommended!