Review On Flights of Fancy

Drew Petriello


The premise of this show is a lot of fun and the running motifs carry potent meaning throughout. There are a few digs regarding certain kinds of artists that I found delightful. The ensemble has a great sense of character and comedic timing, leading to even the subplots feeling full of depth, insight, and humor - there is a budding romance which is so hilariously dysfunctional it made my sides hurt. I love the way it was staged, especially when it muddled around in the fantastical and surreal.

My one quibble is that Tommy was SUCH a huge jerk at the beginning. It felt somewhat incongruous with the way he behaved throughout the rest of the piece.

This show is a wild hour. Plenty of complications and absurdity to be had, yet it all comes wrapped around a tight emotional core, having a lot to say about art and the ways we deal with pain.