Review On The Last Croissant

Drew Petriello


This show is just delightful and wholesome.

I had a big dumb smile on my face the whole show. The jokes are funny and the characters are zany.

It was just a nice time. There was conflict, but it was all absurd and lighthearted. It’s not DEEP MEANINGFUL HIGH DRAMA, but it’s not trying to be. It’s just so… WHOLESOME goddammit!

Also the teabag and bear steal the show.

The set was one of the most detailed of the Fringe.

The cranes were unexplained throughout the show and I’m of two minds about it. On one hand, not everything needs an explanation, but on the other, it felt like an element without a purpose.

It doesn’t matter that much though. That is such a tiny gripe. Go see this dang show and just have a nice time.