Review On CORINA, From Lap Dance to Sundance

Raymond-Kym Suttle


I really wanted this to be amazing & whilst it's an interesting story (it's always intriguing to hear people's life stories) I felt that the pacing was far too slow and also too even - every transition from one character to the next was exactly the same; when she was doing dialogue between two characters the transitions from one character to the other and back again were all the same length (which was too long for my tastes - I wanted some snappy back & forth, especially in arguments). I also felt that the balance between the backstory and the ultimate reveal of how things turned out was too quick - I wanted to know more details about the outcome of her journey. It felt to me that the whole piece could have easily been 10 minutes shorter just by tightening up the transitions and dialogue.

That being said, the rest of the audience gave her a standing ovation, so they clearly enjoyed the performance. It was touching to see the photos of the real people in the story and the message is a good strong one: don't think you can discard people simply because they do a job you look down on, because you never know what people are capable of. I think, if the pace of the show is quickened overall, and definitely if there's some variety in the pacing between scenes, this show will be inspirational to many people who have been led to believe the people who tell them they'll never amount to anything/their dreams are ridiculous.