Review On Pit of Goblins

Drew Petriello


The jokes in this are incredibly well set-up. The running gag of the talent show had me rolling. Also, the show does a great job of constantly juxtaposing the way our psychopathic main character is with the way he perceives himself. The dissonance generates a lot of laughter.

In fact, all the characters Mitchell plays are well-realized and distinct, each having a clear purpose and arc to them. There is a one-scene wonder Alex Jonesalike who is goddamn hysterical.

Speaking of arcs - my god, I loved the emotional arc of this piece. It's very dark comedy for most of the show, but then... well, not to spoil, but by the end, things get very bleak in a way that I found delictable. Some people might not be able to balance the horrible fucked-upedness with the slightly absurd tone of the rest of the show, but it was entirely my jam.

The video aspect was hit or miss. There were a couple of video segments that contained gags, information, or moved the plot forward, but there were a few that seemed to be there to fill space, likely so Mitchell could have a break from constant talking/change outfits. It was apparent based off audience reactions that one of them was an in-joke that I didn't get. Most of the time the video worked, but a couple of times it put a halt to things just when the action was picking up.

The frame of the main character speaking with the doctor in the woods didn't quite work for me. I like the idea of him talking with someone so that he's not just spouting off to the audience, but it raised a lot more questions to me along the lines of, how are the goblins preventing the doctor from going straight to the cops?

This show was right up my dark, twisted alley. If you like your humor pitch black or are a fan of well-produced, well-performed solo shows, here is a piece for you.