Kelsey Goeres

Registered Critic

The moment Walker first graced the stage the audience collectively perked up. And not simply because, at the time of her entrance, the show is starving for a greater female presence. The actress and character alike are poised, graceful, charismatic. We in the audience hung on her every word. Walker, in addition to being a skilled actress, is a skilled listener. Every bit of dialogue she listened to felt heavier because of how finely she was tuned in.

The sparse set and costumes are reflective of the time period, Victorian England. The set pieces looked small and swallowed up by the size of the stage the show is presented on. A smaller space would have suited the piece better, both for staging purposes and to take in the careful facial expressions of Vitorino...

Kelsey Goeres is a writer, actress, improviser, and director from the California Central Coast. She received a bachelor's degree from California Lutheran University in journalism and theatre arts. Kelsey's currently a lifestyle and entertainment reporter and has written for such outlets as Yahoo!, AOL, Apple News, and The Cheat Sheet.