Review On CATS

Cynthia Citron

Registered Critic

The production now playing at the Pantages seemed to go on for weeks, even though the theater pulled out all the stops to make it a “spectacular adventure”. They were Jellico Cats, after all, as they told us at interminable length, but most of their explanations were lost in the turmoil of the over-loud band that banged its way through all the songs. It wasn't until the second act that we became aware that all the soloists had incredibly beautiful voices. But the entire production reached its peak when Grizabella took the stage to sing the song that Barbra Streisand made immortal, “Memory”. Grizabella's rendition was heart-stopping and the audience was transfixed by her amazing voice. When she finished, the audience gave her a ten-minute sitting ovation that stopped the show.

Cynthia Citron has lived and worked on every continent except Antarctica as a journalist, public relations and communications director, a documentary screenwriter and a theater reviewer. She is also a co-founder of Earthwatch, the scientific research expedition company, and served as the editor of Bostonia, the prize-winning alumni magazine of Boston University.