Registered Critics

Better Lemons has two groups of Critics, those who have registered with us and those who have not.

Registered Critics post their own reviews, selecting the pull quote, determining the Sweet, Sweet & Sour, Sour rating, and linking to the original source of the review. (We don’t send out critics to review shows, so please contact the critics directly if you need a reviewer!)

Non-registered Critics have posted a review somewhere on the internet and the Better Lemons team finds that review, selects the pull quote, determines the Sweet, Sweet & Sour, Sour rating, and links to the original source of the review.

While we appreciate and celebrate the work of all Critics, we are especially grateful for the Critics that have registered so that they can ensure that their review is posted immediately, that the pull quote accurately reflects the review, and that the Sweet, Sweet & Sour, Sour rating reflects their opinion 100%.

The Better Lemons policy is to post reviews that appear online and the extra step that the registered Critics take ensures that the reviews are getting rated quickly and accurately.

Better Lemons also appreciates the contributions of Producers, Publicists, and readers who contribute reviews, ensuring that the Better Lemons ratings are accurate and up-to-date.

Most importantly, we appreciate the Critics and we’d like to thank them, each and every one of them. But for those who stand out, we’d like to honor them.

To celebrate these Critics, we will hold an annual Top Critics Award, where our readers will be able to vote for their favorite Critic from our list of Critics.

Please look around, read the reviews that each Critic writes. If you like a review, share it with your friends on social media or otherwise. And be sure to keep an eye out for our Annual Top Critics Award, in which you will be able to have a voice.

We invite all Critics who are writing for another site/publication, to join Better Lemons.

To become a Registered Critic, you will need to write for an online publication. When you write a review, you will need to submit an excerpt of your review to our site, with a link to your original review, give the reviewed show a rating (Sweet, Sweet & Sour, Sour), and submit it via our Submission Form. Each Critic that is registered on our site, submits their excerpts and you need to commit to that, which takes about one minute per show.

Here are your Benefits of becoming a Registered Critic:

  • We will add you to our list of Registered Critics
  • You will get your own Critics page with your bio, links, photo, and links to your past reviews.
  • Your reviews will get more exposure because your excerpt on our site will link back to your site.
  • You will be recognized by a broader art community.
  • Our readers will get the chance to vote on their favorite critic once a year (The Top Critic Award)
  • Your score of each production and an excerpt of your review will be of your own choosing, not a guess from our staff, so it will ensure accuracy of the #LemonMeter score.
  • The public will be able to educate themselves through the many criticisms of a production.
  • Productions would be able to find reviews in one place and reviews will get more clicks on their original published site.
  • Search engines reward websites that have incoming links (every review on our site will link back to your review site and your profile page will also link back to your personal website and your social media accounts if you have any).
  • It’s FREE

How to:

  • Please contact us through our Contact page and send us a link to an online publication where you write reviews and let us know that you are interested in becoming a Registered Critic.
  • Once your submission has been approved, we will register you on our site (we will ask you for a photo, a short bio, and links to your website and social media sites).
  • After your profile is set up, you will be able to post an excerpt of your review to registered shows anytime, add a link to your original review and rate the show Sweet, Sweet & Sour, or Sour.

With each review link on our site, your site will get better recognized by search engines. And you will be entered in our yearly Top Critic Award!