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Multi-talented performer Kiki Ebsen honors her father, entertainer Buddy Ebsen, in a multi-media show, co-designed by Kiki and her brother Dustin Ebsen. The show highlights the icon’s seven decade career during the best days of stage, film, theatre and television. From his earliest days as a New York song and dance man, Kiki takes the audience back in time as Buddy Ebsen starred in early films such as Captain January, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Banjo on my Knee and the Broadway Melody movies of 1936 and 1938. In addition Kiki will reflect on his television work in The Legend of Davey Crockett, The Beverly Hillbillies and Barnaby Jones.

With heartfelt love from daughter to father, Kiki remembers her dad, singing beloved songs from Buddy’s film career, accompanied by premier jazz musicians Jeff Colella (piano), Granville “Danny” Young (bass), Kim Richmond (woodwinds) and Kendall Kay (drums).


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A really touching tribute about a Hollywood icon. The story was told and preformed beautifully by Kiki Ebsen, who found out so much about her father as his life was ending. By the end I felt a true appreciation for his amazing contribution to the world of film and television, and his life through the eyes of his daughter.
I truly enjoyed this show!

sweet - Linda ZAMPROGNA

A nostalgic, musical and moving tribute to Buddy Ebsen. A musical tour of Buddy Ebsen, his work and family. Well worth it!

sweet - David Grimmett

Beautiful show about the life of a great actor with refreshing back stories and inside scoops! And Kiki is absolutely amazing I love her voice!

sweet - Sita Fischer

Children should be seen… and heard. This is especially true for “To Dad with Love: A Tribute to Buddy Ebsen” performed by his daughter, KiKi Ebsen. In a perfect mix of memories, music, multi-media, a man who was part of all our lives is given tribute. I am a fan of live entertainment but this has the added bonus of being a “lived” entertainment. It is rare treat in today’s world of canned, edited, digitally enhanced mediocre media. I highly recommend hitting the pause button on your hectic life and investing in a charming evening to add to your memories of Buddy Ebsen with his daughter and be a special guest of their family. I am reminded of those final lines of the Jed Clampett them song.
“You're all invited back next week to this locality
To have a heapin helpin of their hospitality
Hillbilly that is. Set a spell, Take your shoes off.”

sweet - Gerald Plummer

This show! I usually don't go to see a performance more than once. I have seen this show four times.
This incredibly multi talented artist will take you on a magical time travel, dazzle you with her skills, and I mean SKILLS. Story telling, playing multiple instruments, dancing and singing. Her voice draws you in, softly will wrap around your heart. She is genuine, and her love of her Dad is inspiring. The show is performing art at its finest. A true professional, her beauty is equal to her talent. You are in for a wonderful treat seeing her live.

sweet - Gabriella Hoffman

It was intellectually stimulating, emotional, entertaining, and thoroughly enjoyable. A great time watching a great show. Kiki Ebsen did a fabulous job telling us the story of her dad, Buddy Ebsen.

Loved it when audience sang along with her (Ballad of Davy Crockett and Beverly Hillbillies theme song) when she introduced these 2 segments regarding her dad's role in Davy Crockett and Beverly Hillbillies.

Also want to thank Phlash Phelps, SiriusXM "60's on 6" weekday mornings radio personality who interviewed Kiki on his radio show to talk about "To Dad with Love: A Tribute to Buddy Ebsen." Kiki, your interview on the radio could not have been better in explaining what the show is all about. Thanks to your radio interview, you made it happen - it enabled me to see your live performance.

sweet - Albert Sack

Kiki Ebsen brings to life the beautiful story of her dad, the wonderful Buddy Ebsen, through story, song, music, and dance. Utterly charming. In addition to Kiki's beautiful singing, a highlight of the show was when tap dancer, Gregory Gast, seemingly leapt onstage as Buddy himself and did a dreamy number with her.

sweet - Rusty Frank

This is not JUST a show of a friend of ours. THIS is master storytelling that warms our memories, touches our heart and soul and is THE best cabaret show I have EVER seen. Kiki is astounding. I smiled, I sang along in my head to the songs and wept tears evoked from her sweetness and love for her father. Kiki Ebsen is THE real deal. You MUST go, and if you know someone in the industry who can get this produced in a movie format. take them. I'll even buy their ticket. This is gold mining. And you’re about to hit a deep, rich vein of gold! #HearTheStoryOfTheOriginalTinMan

sweet - Mary Bogue

Kiki Ebsen is fabulous in this heartwarming tribute! “To Dad with Love“ showcases her beautifully as a multi dimensional performer!

sweet - Debi Otto

What a delightful evening! My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed Kiki's personal insights of her dad, the stories, songs, movie and TV clips, the ups and downs... all of which built to an excellent finale. We loved going down memory lane with her about Buddy, and learning so much more about him than we thought we knew. Kiki's a talented performer and storyteller, and the trio of musicians are terrific. The venue is intimate, which suits the show perfectly. We felt like part of the story, since we have so many memories of watching Buddy Ebsen in films and TV shows. I encourage all who admired him to see this tribute of him, warts and all.

sweet - Joel Garcia

I found it to be a very moving production. The group I came with really enjoyed it also. One of the things I like most was the tap dance ending. What a great way to close the show!

sweet - Judi Burns

KiKI Ebsen's One women loving tribute to her father (the amazing Buddy Ebsen) is just amazing. Kiki is amazing musician & Vocalist

sweet - Nicholas Matonak

I thoroughly enjoyed Kiki Ebaen’s Music tribute to her father. I even came back a week later and brought my daughter because I enjoyed it so thoroughly the first time. My daughter is 23 years old and she lost her father in June of this year and Kiki’s tribute really moved her. She is also a singer songwriter and she herself has written a song about her father recently. My daughter was really able to identify with Kiki and her relationship with her father, Buddy. Thank you Kiki for sharing your memories about your father with all of us.

sweet - Carol Crnic

It was a great tribute! It was historically educational and very well performed and presented. The band was excellent and it was fun to hear some of those old songs.

sweet - Jeff Schermer

My wife and I both loved the show. A touching , loving history of a man so many of us loved seeing over the many years. Kiki is an accomplished singer backed by some of the best musicians around. She had us laughing and crying. It is a show that no one should miss!

sweet - Michael Sharp

We loved Kiki’s performance. The tribute to her Dad is honest and moving. Kiki’s vocals are dynamic and touching. It was an intimate journey of love.

sweet - Mara Larsen

Overall it was a touching evening dedicated to an under-appreciated actor who also wrote screenplays, made records for children, wrote children”s books and an autobiography.

sweet - Andrew Solomon - Santa Monica Mirror - full review

If you would like to see a show that is both touching and entertaining, please attend To Dad with Love.
I am a sixteen-year-old girl who loves jazz music, tap dancing, and Buddy Ebsen. This show included everything I love and more. It was extremely moving, so much so that it brought me to tears, which no other movie or show has done before.
Kiki Ebsen is a fantastic performer and personality. She clearly poured her heart into this show and she is refreshingly sincere with the audience. Her wit and humor helps bring light to this tribute, even in the saddest of moments. Paired with the multimedia, the jazz band, and great direction, Kiki Ebsen's show is like no other.
By the end of the show, you'll fall in love with Buddy Ebsen all over again, except, this time, you will come out with a more thorough understanding and appreciation of who he really was.

sweet - KSM

I am sixteen years old and a HUGE Buddy Ebsen (and Barnaby Jones) fan. In one sentence, this show could be described as, "the most amazing show that I have ever seen." I not only walked out of that theater with more knowledge of who Buddy Ebsen was a dancer, actor, and person, but I was brought to tears by the way I got to do so. Kiki Ebsen is a fantastic performer with an absolutely incredible voice. You could feel the passion and emotion in her voice regarding her father and their life together so much so that it gave me chills when she sang. The use of multi-media was also perfect, and the clips shown on screen mixed with her live music was beautiful. The band was outstanding and I was left wanting more. It was a fantastic one-woman-show and I could not imagine a better tribute for such a wonderful man. This show is worth every penny and more. FULLY RECOMMEND.

sweet - LS

The story of Buddy Ebsen’s seven-decade career over his 95-year life is told, with exceptional talent, joy, and love in story and song, by his youngest daughter, upon whom all stars shine brightly, with joy, as Kiki Ebsen performs brilliantly in “To Dad with Love: A Tribute to Buddy Ebsen.” The entire evening is “Lights Out” grand!

sweet - Dawn Lee Wakefield - The Way I See It - full review


sweet - DAVID PACK

This show created by Kiki Ebsen was a deep long look at her dad,late TV/film actor Buddy Ebsen who most people know from his roles as TV's Jed Clampett on Beverly Hillbillies & Barnaby Jones..It was conceived by Ms. Ebsen when she discovered an old trunk of his mementos,not having realized many details associated with his early life in NYC & Hollywood,before his TV exposure..Film clips showing him dancing/singing with little Shirley Temple goes back to 1936. He was chosen as the original Tin Man in the 1939 MGM Wizard Of Oz,but had a serious setback before being replaced by Jack Haley..Also starred w/Audrey Hepburn in the Truman Capote film "Breakfast At Tiffany's" as the sad rejected husband.Kiki is very open regarding both the joyous & the unhappy events in their relationship,as she sings & dances the many songs associated with his events throughout the show including one of her own songs.A top band backs her throughout..She had help from her brother Dustin who worked with her to refine it, & her husband,Steve,working on sound & lights..If you have time she is extending the weekend performances until the last weekend in September..It's a closeup comprehensive glimpse at a past era from a daughter who wants to share her history and mostly that of her famous father's with her totally engrossed audience who gave her a standing ovation at the end he Sunday matinee when I saw it...You'll love this journey back in time from an intimate vantage point as only a close loving relative could narrate ,show tons of insider details and describe it in it's entirety with deep devotion.

sweet - Claudia Sussman

Pleasantly surprised & thoroughly entertained, To Dad With Love is a heartwarming recollection of wonderful memories about growing up in the Ebsen family. Kiki reminisces about her interesting childhood with her talented dad; from his early vaudeville days and extensive movie & TV career...dancing with Shirley Temple and acting in Breakfast at Tiffany's with Audrey Hepburn , to The Wizard of Oz & The Beverly Hillbillies! Her musical numbers, with the accompaniment of her talented band of jazz musicians, are dynamically performed; sometimes funny & sometimes sad. Movie clips and family pictures help to create the mood & bring the audience back to the good old days. I was astonished to learn all the history & stories about Buddy that I had never known! Such a fabulous & endearing show. I strongly recommend it to anyone who loves great music & old Hollywood nostalgia. I'm driving up from San Diego again this weekend to see the show for the second time, bringing my husband & my sister; both musicians like myself with great appreciation for the arts. Bravo Kiki!

sweet - Sue Lucia

This multimedia show seamlessly blends the amazing talents of a loving daughter, Kiki Ebsen, as she reveals, tells, and SINGS stories of her accomplished and talented father, Buddy Epsen. I was mesmermized by all aspects of this play and would see it again if I didn't live so far away. Definitely see it; it is a one of a kind.

sweet - Evlyn Moris

A most entertaining sweet and sometimes bittersweet journey with Buddy Ebsen's youngest daughter, Kiki Ebsen telling the story about her father's film and dance career, very artfully performed through her personal story and her rich singing voice and dance. Clips of scenes from Buddy Ebsen's prolific career and the photos make for a heartwarming and poignant experience into their personal lives. Backed up with a terrific band - Jeff Colella (piano), Kendall Kay (drums), Kim Richmond (woodwinds) Granville "Danny" Young (bass) and Kiki (vocals and piano) adds to the musical enjoyment. Directed by S.E. Feinberg lending his expertise in making the show a wonderful balance of visuals, heart-felt stories, song and dance carried solely with Kiki's performance and an additional dance scene with Gregory Gast makes for an enjoyable show!

sweet - Lisa Yesko