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Los Angeles Performing Artist Pam Levin’s Tales of Modern Motherhood: Part 2 Gender and Identity This sh*t just TRANS…formed is addressing one of the most relevant issues of our time, gender dysphoria in children. This is an extremely personal, funny, challenging, honest and hopeful storytelling about the human condition focusing on… GENDER & IDENTITY. Levin’s family epitomizes the zeitgeist of our unique time as they handle their daughter’s gender fluidity with no rule book, just unconditional love.

“Our five-year-old plays with boys, dresses like a boy and even says she wanted to be a boy. When asked what she might want for her kindergarten graduation, her response was…”A Mohawk.” I was expecting her to say…a bike! Welcome to the modern world of parenting. This is my story of a parent trying to uncover the gender that fits my kid best, while navigating these uncharted waters, with zero tools in my tool belt.”

Award Winning, solo performer Pam Levin has been performing one-woman shows for the past twenty-two years returns to the Whitefire Annual Solofest, which is the largest one-person-show festival on the West Coast. At last year’s festival, she did something that had never been done before. She performed three completely different one-woman shows over the course of the two and a half month festival. She toured all over the world, off and on, for six years with the show The Quiet Room, in which she won an ADA Award in Los Angeles 
for “Best Solo Production.” She also had the pleasure of performing the hilarious, raunchy comedy, In My Own X-Rated Words, written by Fredrica Duke, to sold-out runs in LA, as well as the Big Apple. Pam’s third piece, which was actually first in line at last year’s festival, was her own solo piece, which she crafted in Terrie Silverman’s Solo Master Class in LA called, Tales of Modern Motherhood…This Sh*t Just Got Real. It made its East Coast Premiere Fall of 2017, off-broadway at the United Solo Festival in New York City where she had two sold-out shows and was invited back for an encore performance. It had sold-out runs at both The Santa Monica Playhouse and The Whitefire Theater, where she was asked to headline Solofest in 2018.

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Although the subject matter is sensitive, Levin deals with it with loads of humor and heart. Her storytelling is lively and clever, and her performance rings true...

The audience is on her side from beginning to end. She is a compassionate, caring mom, and a delightful performer.

sweet - Laura Voeth - Tolucan Times - full review

This is the amazing 2nd installment of a great first show! This one touches on the real struggles of raising an incredible transgender child. This is only the second show Pam has written and it does not disappoint. She knows just the right things to say to evoke emotion while in the next breath lightening the mood and causing you let out a guttural laugh!

Highly recommend not only for Mothers but for anyone who is open to hearing a heart a warming tale about life and the journey moving through different struggles....

Pam is a delight to watch and is a fireball on stage. She gives her all every performance. Who can ask for anything more!

What a great time look forward to seeing the show again!

sweet - Carrie Sachs

What an incredible experience seeing this second part of Pams award winning show Tales of Modern Motherhood. Her raw honesty in her storytelling combined with her mesmerizing performance skills left me absolutely consumed with the most wonderful theater experience I’ve had in a very long time. I was brought to tears, I was belly laughing, and I was filled with heartfelt love & joy. Sharing her family experience with the gender & identity issue is also very important for the world to hear. I Honestly can’t wait to see it again!

sweet - Tanya Dickson

Pam Levin’s show is a must see! Not only is it incredibly relevant, but Pam is a wonderfully honest storyteller and talented performer who brings her family’s journey to the stage in an authentic way. You can’t help but be touched by her heartwarming tribute to the challenges of modern motherhood.

sweet - Jessica J.

By now, most LA locals are aware of Pam's engaging and acclaimed solo shows, which she's taken on the road numerous times over the years. She's gifted at filling the stage with her electrifying personality and rich, resonant voice. But until recently, Pam served as more of an actress presenting OTHER people's words and stories. No more. As she's matured and taken on life's struggles head-on, she's shifted to writing her own experiences...primarily about the trials of motherhood. Although Pam has always been a great storyteller, her gifts as a writer are now on full display. What a delicious and wondrous treat! We are invited inside the mind of a loving mom navigating through the evolution of her creative children. But in my opinion, her latest chapter on exploring gender and identity is more powerful than anything in her previous work. This chapter is really ALIVE! It's topical, very present, ongoing and unique....and Pam has the balls to openly share her struggles. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the subject of this chapter is precocious, intriguing and adorable. With this seminal work, Pam has really thrust herself onto the national stage. Compelling stuff!

sweet - Brian Knudson

I became a big fan of Pam's work when I saw part one of "Tales of Modern Motherhood." What I noticed during several repeat performances is that she is eternally energetic, vulnerable, passionate and charming which is a collection of talent not possessed by many. Pam's show envelops you into a whole hearted soul exchange.

Her ability to weave spellbinding true stories that give us an intimate glimpse into her life, is a privilege not to be taken lightly. It's an honor to witness her navigate within and on the fringes of Motherhood with bold confidence while supporting her children to stand tall and firm in the choices that they make. To anchor "Just Be Yourself" on a solid
foundation, constructed from support, love, hope and most importantly understanding. We are all better off that Pam has granted us access to her journey with her Tales.

Tales of Modern MotherHood by Pam Levin, is a triumph, simply put.

sweet - Cooper Bates

Pam Levin shines! What a courageous, heartfelt story to share with the world... a must see for all! I highly recommend this show to EVERYONE, as it will bring perspective, empathy, and understanding on one family’s experience with gender identity.

sweet - Lisa T

Well done Pam. Such a heartfelt story to tell and done with such grace and humor. You are an inspiration to other solo-show artists.

sweet - David Pavao

This show has stuck with me, days later. I keep coming back to one word: generous. Pam is generous with her story, in sharing such a personal journey. She is generous with her heart, wearing it on her sleeve and allowing us to see some of her most vulnerable moments. She is generous with her energy, pushing the story forward with vibrance and a masterful ability to say so much in so little time. And she is generous as a mother, keeping an open heart and mind and bringing the audience into this story without judgement. What an incredible way to honor her son. I am so moved.

sweet - April Wish

Pam Levin's Tales of Modern Motherhood II has everything an audience will want out of a solo theater production: lots of humor, deep pathos, great insight into a highly relevant and topical social issue ... and dancing. The show is a marked step-up from the well-received first installment, Tales of Modern Motherhood I.

Parenting is hard enough without adding complicated issues of gender and identity into the mix. When this awareness of her true identity comes as early as kindergarten, as it does with Pam's child Darby, it brings a ton of emotional, family, and peer stress. The vignettes that Pam acts out during this one-woman show shine a sharp focus on the evolution of awareness. A scene of bullying at a pool party is devastating, and watching Pam break the "nice mom" mold she established early on is awe-inspiring. The scene near the end, of Pam reacting to Darby's older sister admitting that she's afraid -- afraid of change, afraid of how SHE will be treated, of how HER friends will react, but mostly of the great unknown of this situation -- brought me to tears.

Informative, enlightening -- but never preachy in the least -- this show will leave you warm, smiling, and hopeful for the world we live in. And in today's troubled times, can you ask for anything better?

sweet - Jim

Pam delivers a tremendous performance that balances between laugh out loud comedy and tear jerking vulnerability. This show tells a story from a perspective not yet tapped: a parent trying to do what’s right in uncharted waters. In so many ways Pams performance shines but I have a special appreciation for the honesty and courage she brought with her on stage. She opens her heart and gives you a private look at her unique life as a mother. Pam just captivated us from the very start. This is one of those shows I know I’ll find myself recommending to friends and family over and over again!

sweet - Nick Patterson

Pam Levin gives an amazing performance while telling her very personal story on the topic of Gender Identity. Pam shines as she takes the audience along her journey as the mother of a young daughter who identifies as a boy. Her storytelling is passionate, filled with love and tenderness and just the right amount of HUMOR. What is an unfamiliar topic to many, this very insightful and informative play beautifully written and performed by Pam is a real gift.


Pam was unbelievable in Tales of Modern Motherhood.
She makes you laugh and she makes you cry as she takes you on her journey through motherhood. I loved every moment of it. Very entertaining! Everyone needs to see this show!!!

sweet - Gina B

Last year I was introduced to a show called Tales of Modern Motherhood and was blown away by the show and the amazing performance of Pam Levin. I became an instant fan and recently attended Tales of Modern Motherhood: Part 2 Gender and Identity at the Whitefire Theater.

And man am I glad I did!

Pam Levin has written another great story that will have you going through the entire emotional scale from begging to end. Her powerhouse acting grabs you right from the start and takes you on a ride that will make you think, laugh, cry, mad, smile and ultimately cheer for the outcome.

I highly recommend seeing Tales of Modern Motherhood: Part 2 Gender and Identity
You will be glad you did.

sweet - George Rangel

An honest & heartwarming story—told through the eyes of a very talented “mom” named Pam—of her adorable child’s journey to find oneself, with the brave & loving support of family.

sweet - DeeDee Lancet

how do you prepare for something when you have no clue? you respond with love. this mom brings us with her as she handles her little girl wanting to be a boy. disclaimer- i know this kid, and i know this mom, and i had NO idea how heartbreaking AND uplifting the journey so far has been. none. questions i would never have thought of were answered. at one point, i cried a little and the woman next to me, a stranger, patted my arm, as she too was teary. this show should be seen by all. it would help to dispel the assumed. people wonder “how can a kid know so young” and this “performance”, really a retelling of this part of her family’s life, explains it. the only downfall: that people who will see it is about gender and identity and will not come are exactly the people that should see it. it is PHENOMENAL. now 3 more shows are added. she is clearly doing it right. bring a few tissues and a few friends. and the whitefire theater, just such a warm inviting atmosphere. so go. really. a 10 plus. (to person reading before this is posted- i dont know what that means below - the review url but i am just another mom, not a critic)

sweet - robin greene

Pam is phenomenal in this show! She will make you laugh and cry! Enjoyed every minute of Tales of Modern Motherhood!!! Great job Pam, you rock!!

sweet - Amy

Pam Levin is an a class all her own. She gives her audiences a raw and up close peek into her experience as a mother faced with a choice and a life changing decision of her 5 year old child. Pam’s acting , dancing, storytelling, and overall presence on stage is captivating and masterful. This show is not to be missed, and Pam Levin is a star who opens up her heart and generously allows us to see inside her soulful journey as a mom to a child whose fierce passion and sense of self gives Pam experiences and emotions she never dreamed she would face. This play is a beautiful piece , a love letter to the pure spirit of her child, and a tribute to parental unconditional love and acceptance.

sweet - Susy

Pam takes you on a masterful journey and draws you into her world. The performance was an educative, happy and thought-provoking adventure into the mind of a unique and brilliant individual, Darby- who you come to respect and love, thanks to the phenomenal story-tellling expert PAM LEVIN; just awesome!

sweet - Kirk Palayan

If you rarely leave your house and you can pick one solo show to see -- look no further than Tales of Modernhood: Part 2. Pam Levin is the real deal. She is the best actress/writer working in the business. The minute you see her on stage, you fall in love with her and she takes you on a ride that is so personal and touching. You will laugh a lot -- and you'll also cry. I don't give spoiler alerts but the title alone should tell you what the story is about. I tell all of my friends and family to see this play. You should too.

sweet - Fredde Duke

Sweet, original, touching, moving, thought-provoking and entertaining, Pam Levin’s Second installment in her Tales Of Modern Motherhood series is a wonderful show that left me with tears in my eyes and an unflinchingly honest story in my heart. I highly recommend the show to anyone looking for theatre that delivers on all levels.

sweet - Brian Herzlinger

An Actress is to tell a story, but this Actress, Pam Levin emotes a period in time about a relatively new issue in a manner that actually puts the audience as an active participant. The sensitive story that Ms. Levin adds levity with tears is uncommonly charged and so enjoyable!
Taking friends to see next performance.

sweet - Rick Levin

Really amazing journey Pam takes you on with her storytelling. There were moments when I was laughing out loud, and then tearing up immediately after. It’s so heartfelt, yet also so entertaining. Loved every minute!

sweet - Michelle Nadjar

Saw Pam Levin's play last night. It is well-written, especially in that the writer manages to navigate challenging terrain in such a warm, emotionally vulnerable, humorous, loving, entertaining way. There is also great candor about the subject, including the anxiety and the questions and the intense desire to figure out how to best love your kid. The glue that holds the whole piece together is Pam herself. She is entertaining, she keeps the play moving and takes the audience through all the ips and downs in the most heartwarming way. Really glad I went (and I'm admittedly a NY theatre snob)!

sweet - Corey Nathan

Pam Levin is clearly a gifted story teller. But what makes this one women show special is the heart, soul and passion that it is born from. As a audience member I found my laughter was mixed with tears and though the story wasn’t mine I could relate to every step of her journey. She pulls you right in to walk it with her. I look forward to her next story whenever she is ready to tell it.

sweet - Carri Dillon

I was completely blown away by this show! Pam took me on an emotional journey that had me laughing and tearing up throughout her entire performance. If you have an opportunity to see this, please... DON’T MISS IT!

sweet - Steve Mannella

A beautiful and impassioned tale of a loving family doing their best to cope with unexpected changes. Movingly written and joyously performed, the play will have you laughing and crying in unexpected turns.

sweet - Pablo P.

I went into the show without knowing anything, and I was absolutely blown away! It’s an incredibly sensitive topic, but Pam balances out the whole thing with the perfect mix of emotion and humor to make the show equal parts poignant and entertaining. Not to mention, this is a seriously important topic that our society needs to talk more about. Definitely a show you have to see!

sweet - Tom

Tales of Motherhood part 2 by the extremely multi talented Pam Levin is a tour de force! Pam’s performance tugs at every emotion available to the human heart and soul. Pam is such an extraordinary story teller that you find yourself laughing, crying, angry and warmed all at the same time. This is a performance that takes dead aim at the complexity of life in the 21st century. When she completed her journey I had so many questions and an equal number thoughts. One thing is certain the audience including myself was thoroughly entertained. The only element that would have made even more unique would have been a q/a afterwards. Of course if that had happened we might still be there!!!! Bravo! If you have not seen Pam Levin perform then go!! Hurry!!! You are in for a breathtaking ride!

sweet - Bill Paden

This show is amazing. So entertaining. Pam has a gift for story telling. She added humor to her very personal experience. I also saw her first Tales of Modern Motherhood. Both were great, but very different.

sweet - Leslie