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Brian and Rachel were the perfect couple and seemed destined to live happily ever after. But that was a long time ago and life got in the way of those dreams. Tonight, they meet in their old romantic spot for one last night together. Is there still hope for them after all these years?

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Dingani Beza and Katie Oliver have a wild and unreserved chemistry that is palpable. Beza’s understated performance is wrought with conflict and pain. Oliver’s heartfelt delivery is unaffected and to the point. Morillo’s writing is full of longing and tension, which emerges through subtext at first, then impassioned monologues second. Lappi’s direction is effortless, smooth, and has the characters swirling across the stage—and bed—like a dance. This play is equally sexy and complex.

sweet - Jessica Durdock Moreno

Went to see this show based on a recommendation from a friend of mine in another show and I was brought to tears by the dialogue and story. I'm not a theatre person but I really appreciate shows like this that are honest and real, there were moments I could really relate to and some that couldn't but the actors portrayed their story very accurately. They both seemed very natural as the characters.

sweet - Lorraine Versoza

Honestly I was expecting a cliché but this script was anything but. Lots of tense moments and realistic characters that we can all relate to as flawed human beings. This play felt cinematic and I felt like a fly on the wall of their night together.

sweet - Chris C.

Fantastic show! A bittersweet script with amazing actors and great direction. The set design was superb as well. I really enjoyed this who and recommend everyone to see their Encore if they can!

sweet - Tara

It's a fork in the road of an unfinished love story. Do you leave it unfinished to relish the sweet memories you have or take the chance and complete the final chapter, gambling it will complete a steamy, romantic chapter of your life, not taint the already sweet, shared memories with regret.

The past hot romance, the still palpable attraction between them and the opportunity to complete the story draw the audience into the sexy, tense decision they face...about love and closure.

sweet - Curtis Strong

Great show! Well written script and strong actors. I am so glad I got to see this show and look forward to the next play by this writer.

sweet - Thomas M.

I don't see plays much but I am so glad I got to see this one! I went with my husband and we both really enjoyed it! I cried at a lot of great tender moments. I highly recommend this show!

sweet - Quinnie

Phenomenal show, very real. Great writing and direction. One of the top shows of the Fringe fest this year.

sweet - Fiordalisa FABIAN

First time seeing a fringe play. Didn't know what to expect. It was a really sweet and heartbreaking show. The cast was fantastic, the writing was sharp and witty. Would recomend to anyone, except couples arguing about whether they want to have kids, might make for a awkward night. But for everyone else, it's a emotional, funny, & thoughtful play.

sweet - sari fuchs

This show is absolutely brilliant! It was fantastic all the way around. From the writing to the acting. Hands down one of the best plays that I have ever seen at the fringe festival and I am looking forward to seeing more work from this amazing team.

sweet - rachael jerahian

This show is moving, emotional, funny at times, and relatable. Katie Oliver and Dingani Beza perform beautifully as multi-layered characters that are beautifully written. An amazing show all around!

sweet - Heather Brawley

Great show. Face paced two hander about tough life decisions that might leave our characters with their second choice. The show moves quickly through the highs and lows of a former couple as they reunite for one potentially last night together. Cast was committed, their chemistry was undeniable. Entertaining and moving. What more do you want?

sweet - richard barbadillo

The performances were authentic, and the writing was so specific in its details that it made the story universal. Simple, elegant, raw, perfectly performed and structured. A story about love and loss that isn’t precious about itself, and is all the more powerful for it. The two leads do amazing work, the script is tight and real and heartbreaking, the staging is just right. Highly recommended and kudos to the cast and crew.

sweet - Saurabh Kikani

Outstanding performances by both Katie Oliver and Dingani Beza who both bring much depth to their characters.

sweet - DCM

Deeply emotional and raw. Katie Oliver truly portrays the emotional bandwidth of Rachel’s love for Brian and delivers her character with true understanding and passion. Dingani beautifully dives into Brian’s well guarded vulnerability and truly moves the audience. The chemistry is absolutely electric between the cast and is a must see show for this year.

sweet - Emily Pardo

Two thumbs up! The play is well written and the acting is fenomenal. Chemistry between the actors results on a remarkable performance. Highly recommended! If you are looking for a play that you can go see and enjoy, this is it!

sweet - Juan morales

Poignant and heartfelt. Very relatable. Brave actor and actress. Sad but fulfilling. Has very romantic moments and very dramatic moments with laughs mixed in. I reccomend.


Amazing story with two powerhouse actors. Katie Oliver put her heart and soul into her role for all of us to see. Together the cast brought to life Matt’s script that took us all on an emotional rollercoaster through a pivotal time in their lives. Laughs to cries, and done with a minimalist set. Shows that acting and story is what’s most important.

sweet - Evan Morton

Unbelievably amazing performances made me cry at the end even I can't relate the dynamics of the relationship portrayed in the show as I never been in same kind of situation in my personal life.
You don't need to go through the same things to Understand or "feel". Katie Oliver and Dingani Beza will bring you there.
I've had a hard time going back to reality after the show, because I was very moved by their talent and I thought I was "Rachel" .
Amazing script too. Shows the complications of relationships and very strong and real story with a splashes of light and funny moments.

sweet - Nisan

Fantastic play! Well written with amazing performances! I plan on enjoying the encore performance July 14th as well!

sweet - Peter Howell

Simply brilliant! This sexy performance is so believable & relatable, you will swear you are a fly on the wall peeking into the real life of this complex couple! You'll find yourself in a range of emotions moving right along with each character from laughter to tears. A must see show!

sweet - Chrissy

I immediately fell in love with Katie Oliver the second she appeared on stage. This two hander handles the serious question of choice – whether you go the “safe” route or go out on a limb and follow your heart. We won’t tell you what she choice, but the journey to that decision is what drives the show. Hats off also to Dingani Beza, who proved to be a worthy companion on this fun ride.

sweet - Bob Leggett - LA Music Critic - ...read full review

CHIIILE! This sexy show will allure you right from the start. But don't get wrapped up in that too tough. This story will have you re-evaluating your whole life. (Cue "What You Won't Do For Love by Bobby Caldwell here:-). This is truly a grown folx show in every way. Matt wrote his tail off for this play. The casting was on point visually and they worked their roles with the passion and sensual elegance of two professional rumba dancers. This is most def a couples convo starter here. Cop tix for bae or boo, or heck your bestie for Encore asap, so y'all can get on with your best love life!

sweet - The MouthPeace

A sizzling, well-written, intimate peek into the lives of two people in love going in different directions. Amazing chemistry between the actors! The script is so tight and the characters are so real. Loved the pull and push of the staging with the flow of the relationship, like the ocean outside the window. Really beautiful.

sweet - Christi Pedigo

I LOVED , “If We Ran,” written by Matt Morillo.
Katie Oliver and Dingani Beza also give great performances in this gem of a show. What I loved about this piece, is its sincere honesty and sense of comedy in its most sorrowful moments. I appreciated the complexity of the relationship skillfully handeled by both actors. Oliver and Both Benza have such a great rhythm and sense of truth that you can’t help get sucked into their performances. It had me fully engaged the whole time.

sweet - Kristen

This play was so moving and relateable on every level. Even if possable, someone has never been in love, the performances of Dingani and Katie , will make you feel the emotion. You feel as if your right in it with them. You feel their their dispair, and deep mutual love , in a last effort to figure it all out. Beautifully written, directed and performed. If you haven't already seen If We Run, do yourself a huge favor and go to the Encore performance. Take tissue...

sweet - Laura Oliver

This show doesn’t shy away from discussing the difference between going after what one’s heart wants and going after what it needs. The characters realize that what they need (I won’t tell you what it is but let’s just say it involves a big discussion couples have in relationships before they decide to get married) may be more important in the long run (key word; “may”). I liked how the setting didn’t change throughout the play (because so many important life decisions do happen in bedrooms) and I loved how (spoiler alert) important the dad was even though he wasn’t even in the room. Also, I can’t stress this enough but this play felt all too familiar to me in the best way. I’ve never seen this relationship dynamic portrayed on stage before and it was refreshing and made me feel less alone.

sweet - Lara Repko

Such an intimate, tender, truthfully told story of love, lost love and second loves. The writing by Matt Morillo is exceptional and the performances from these two actors were sublime and as honest as you could ever ask for – in such powerfully intimate moments! Kudos to everyone involved with this project. was completely drawn in past that 4th wall and these characters became people that my heart ached for – and I have no answer. And there is no more truthful way to tell a story of love like this.

sweet - Heather Dowling

What a great show – a well-crafted story, honest script, great acting, sensitive direction. It’s a simple story with incredibly deep stakes and emotion, a slice of real drama that should hit home for everyone who has ever had a true love and made the decision to leave it.

All the production aspects were handled deftly, but that almost-the finale-but-not-quite-blackout before the last scene was ...tricky. The show ends, but doesn’t, but then does. I totally know why it’s done the way it’s done, but it’s something to finesse for the next production. Otherwise, fantastic work all around.

sweet - Matt Ritchey - ...read full review

To write that If We Run is standard for the genre of the well-made play inherited from the 19th century that stocked Broadway from the 30s through the 50s-into the late 60s and summer stock, is not to bury it but to praise it. If We Run exemplifies the genre because the everyday behavior in everyday settings with everyday characters speaking everyday language expand our appreciation of our everyday lives and ennoble them through conflicts we have experienced that have given them value. In Matt Morrillo’s superbly crafted play, characters are revealed, conflicts intensified, and action moves irrevocably forward to what we hope will be the inevitable ending. Katie Oliver and Dingani Beza unabashedly play out their intimacy that director Emily Lappi’s marvelous direction allows us to witness. The final effect of a play is what the audience takes with it, and what we took with us into the lobby while waiting for the actors was that they and the play had confirmed our own joys and sorrows of having been there and done that. If We Run is 5* on every level and merits a Pick Of the Fringe.

sweet - Michael Fuller

Mad Spoiler Alert:

Not all stories have happy endings. Some of them do. If We Run is one of those stories that could end either way. The cool part about this play is that it isn’t obvious which way it’s going to end, and even though part of you does want it to have a fairytale ending another part of you secretly hopes it doesn’t. Because the latter is so much more heartbreakingly real and truthful. Matt’s writing doesn’t let the characters get away with having their heart’s desire because at the end of the day, they know that what their heart wants isn’t what will actually lead to happiness. It’s real life on-stage and it’ll probably feel eerily familiar to a relationship you’ve had yourself.

sweet - Lara Repko

This show was terrific, exceeded my already high expectations. It touched on a number of subjects most people can relate to. Mr. Beza and Ms. Oliver both gave fine, committed performances. Highly recommended.

sweet - Michael Janik

All-in-all, it’s a very well-executed showcase, for the play and performers, and its pursuit of truth and excellence is refreshingly cinematic in this cheap and cheerful theatrical extravaganza that is the Hollywood Fringe Festival. - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

sweet - Guy Picot - Fringe Review UK - ...read full review

This new play from Matt Morillo has a lot of funny, light moments that allow you to follow Rachel and Brian into the night and eventually learn about their past and who they are individually. Both Katie Oliver and Dingani Beza make their Fringe Debut and each deliver solid performances. They both KNOW who their characters are in the past, in the present and in the future – as much as anyone in real life can predict their future selves. Emily Lappi’s directing is smooth and works in the best interest of the actors, as if she has known these two characters for the ten or so years that they were together. Each person involved in this show has put in the work and it shows.

sweet - Jenni Halina

If We Run is an incredible, emotional roller coaster. It'll make you think, laugh, cry, and love in under an hour. It has its feel good moments as well as its heartbreaking ones. Dingani and Katie blew the audience away with their performances. It felt like watching a real couple as a fly on the wall and that is entirely due to their great skill as actors and the incredible writing. Make sure you see this.

sweet - Blake Reading

I immediately fell in love with Katie Oliver the second she appeared on stage. This two hander handles the serious question of choice – whether you go the “safe” route or go out on a limb and follow your heart. We won’t tell you what she choice, but the journey to that decision is what drives the show. Hats off also to Dingani Beza, who proved to be a worthy companion on this fun ride.

sweet - Bob Leggett - LA Music Critic - ...read full review