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The Los Angeles Times dubbed this Santa Monica Playhouse original family theatre musical  "An Enchanting Cinderella!…captivates its young audience, highlighted by fast pacing, fancy costuming and a lovely, unweepy Cinderella…she's no slouch with a slightly risqué put-down, either, particularly within the context of Rudie and DeCarlo's trademark Gilbert & Sullivan comic lyrics…The Stepsisters' braying laughter and clowning arrogance are a hit!”

CINDERELLA, a delightfully romantic original twist on the classic story, has all the makings of a perfect fairytale for today's generation: a handsome prince (who yearns to be loved for himself, not his royal position), vain stepsisters (who ultimately realize looks really aren't everything), a controlling (but genuinely well-meaning) stepmother and a refreshingly independent feisty Cinderella.

“This extraordinary company creates a strange new brand of excitement…a brilliant Gilbert and Sullivan parody…Truly imaginative and entertaining, this play has all its spark plugs firing.” LA PARENT

The original internationally-acclaimed Rudie-DeCarlo musical CINDERELLA debuted as part of the Playhouse repertoire in 1984, and after nearly two dozen tours to England, Alaska and Japan, after delighting more than a quarter of a million audience members, young and old, to date, has become the single most requested Santa Monica Playhouse Musical on three continents!

“A children's show that will delight children but won't bore adults even if they think they have seen every possible twist on the Cinderella story.”

January 20 - March 24, 2019

One free child ticket with one paid adult ticket