Baby Boy



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From the youngest of five in an old school Texican family to a stunted adulthood hiding his true identity, Adrian is finally dragged out of the closet (kicking and screaming) at 30. “Hilarious, touching, entertaining and a little wild.” Directed by Jenni Melear.


Mr. Elizondo is a deep breath of fresh air in our shallow culture of social media. Such a cutting, honest, endearing, and f*cking hilarious window into his unbelievable world. I hope this guy takes this show all over the world so others can see this refreshing comedic experience.

sweet - LM Dean

This show is SO FUNNY. I didn't know what to expect with a one man show, but it really blew me away. Adrian is so talented and goes between characters so smoothly. I loved it!

sweet - Liz Hall

This show is so amazingly heartfelt, honest & makes you smile. Adrian's performance is outstanding. You will smile, probably cry, but leave with your heart filled!

sweet - Angie S

The word of mouth on this show was incredible, which can be a killer to any show, but not for Baby Boy! Even while waiting to enter the Flight theatre, patrons were discussing how they had heard about the show, that it was the "cannot miss" production at this years fringe, and I'm happy to say I can now attest to this statement. Adrian's story is relatable on several levels, it's a story of growing up and growing through. I was happy to hear that it received the Encore award if for no other reason then more people now have a chance to catch this must see show. A one person show is an undertaking that can be hit or miss, luckily Baby Boy hits all of the perfect notes! I haven't seen a one person show done any better than Baby Boy.

sweet - S Belmont

Adrian's amazing story telling was so full of humor and honesty. He leads you through his journey out of the closet with such ease. It's like sitting down with a good friend that you never want to stop hanging out with. Such a special and wonderful performance!

sweet - kiki u

WOW!!! I love Adrian and I absolutely LOVE the show!!! Adrian does such a superb job of telling his story and getting the audience to feel every moment. I laughed...I cried...I laughed some more and cried some more!!! This is definitely a must see!!!

sweet - Letty Elizondo

There's a lot of one man shows in the LA theater scene but none are as thoughtful, entertaining or as painfully honest as “Baby Boy”. Adrian Eli is one of the most exciting undiscovered actors you're bound to come across and through “Baby Boy” you get an intimate and moving insight into the man behind the actor. His story is unique and timely, an intoxicating look at being true to yourself in an industry that will do everything to strip you of your identity. Adrian's ability to paint a picture, aided by the brilliant direction of Jenni Melear, is uncanny and mesmerizing. If you want to see an authentic, totally unpretentious one man show, see “Baby Boy”. You'll leaving feeling a little more human and a wanting even more from Adrian.

sweet - max swanson

What a fun, beautiful show by such a talent! Baby Boy has it all -- comedy, drama, flamenco! Adrian Eli has such a mastery over his body and voice, and he is able to tell such an engaging story that is both incredibly moving and incredibly hilarious. I am admittedly a little resistant to seeing one-person shows, but I left the theatre saying, "this is one of the best one-man shows I've seen!" There's irreverence mixed with deep personal truth, which is a great combination to convey Eli's story. The music and lighting work well to complement the physical and emotional acrobatics Eli accomplishes on stage. Well worth the ticket price!

sweet - AnonymousIsAWoman

Baby Boy was an emotionally evoking grounded performance with the immense potential to move to the main stage. A raw, beautiful, tragic and humorous look at authenticity, hurt and bravery. A must see!

sweet - ShoworksEntertainment

AMAZING show! What a roller coaster ride of emotions. I laughed, and cried, and laughed some more, as did the rest of the audience. The show is a must see! Heartwarming, heart-breaking, and hilarious, all at once. Loved it!

sweet - DJ

LOVED this one man show! I laughed. I cried. I connected with the message. It was an all around great experience. Adrian's performance is powerful both emotionally and physically. With only a stage and two furniture props, I was transported to Texas, LA, and every setting that told his story. His performance with the use of body language, music, and timing made it all click. It was a journey that I was glad to be on and didn't want the 60 minutes to end. It is truly an inspiring, moving, and wonderful show to watch.


Seamless one man show!!! Loved every single minute of it and could have had so much more! Please make this into a movie / Netflix series.

sweet - Jessica Valenzuela

This is a must see. Adrian has a way to bring you into his world and what brought him to his resolve as a person trying to figure out his place in society. He's very talented and he has a way to bring you in immediately on this roller coaster of his life. Thank you for sharing your story! Don't miss this!

sweet - Hermie Castillo

I absolutely enjoyed this show. It really touched my heart and made me laugh. Adrian Eli's performance is captivating and real. Great show!

sweet - Victoria Garcia

Best show hands down. You'll laugh, cry and love every minute of it! I'd see it over and over again. His story is told so well I pictured growing up with him. Baby boy you've done it you're shining like a star!

sweet - Stephanie Arevalo

This show is incredible! I felt like I was in the presence of a real star in the making. Watching Adrian perform is a real joy, he is a true one-off with natural-born comedic ability. The direction, staging, writing, lighting, sound design, and dance choreography should have special mention. It really is a first-class production, culminating in a finish that didn't leave a dry eye in the house. I only wish this run was longer, so larger audiences can see this hilarious and touching human story.

sweet - S. Macleod

I loved it! Such an inspiring solo show. I laughed so much, and it was also incredibly moving! Adrian is such a talented performer and his switches in between characters were flawless.

sweet - Ali M

This is am amazing one man show. Touching, emotional, freaking hilarious; it has it all! Adrian Eli flows effortlessly through his life and the many interesting characters that populate it. While being almost wall-to-wall laughs, he also brings the audience through some heavy emotions, without cheapening either end of the human experience. Truly an awesome show!

sweet - Melissa Galvin

Saw baby boy with my fiance and it was super funny. Adrian is great storyteller and we both laughed quite a bit. Definitely worth seeing!

sweet - MP

What a great show! Adrian's talent is apparent from the very beginning. His characters evoke a wide range of emotions and will leave you enthralled. I recommend catching this show before it's too late!

sweet - S L

True life comedy by an amazing comedian and director duo. Simultaneously laughing and crying. Inspires you to live your authentic self. Sweetest.

sweet - Martha Marin

This was so much more than a coming out story or coming of age story. It's truly a voyage of discovering who one is beyond one's sexual tendencies. Adrian truly shows us what a dynamic performer he is as well as showing off his incredible story telling skills. Funny, witty, poignant and even heartbreaking at times, Baby Boy is one man's honest look at himself and his journey thus far in his life. And it's done so masterfully, it really makes me want to know what comes next.

sweet - Jay Demopoulos

Baby Boy is a light-hearted yet poignant story that had me both laughing and tearing up at the same time. Adrian Eli has an energy that brings the audience in and gives a personal glimpse of coming out and self acceptance. Make sure you see this show before it's run is over this Sunday!!

sweet - Mike O'Brien

This was my second time seeing this show and both times I left the theatre with sore cheeks from laughing so much!! This show is such a touching and hysterical journey that will leave you relishing in 90's nostalgia, laughing to the point of tears, and feeling all the feels at the poignant moments that touch your heart. A friend that I brought with me the second time turned to me after with tears in her eyes and said “that was the best show I have seen in Los Angeles” I highly recommend checking it out! Bravo Adrian!

sweet - Sara Oliveri