FREE Workshop: Working your Press Release & Social Media tricks & tips!

Enci Box

Editor in Chief, Administrator

Better Lemons is an official sponsor for the Meet-Up “Working your Press Release & Social Media tricks & tips!”.
This Meet-Up will take place on Sunday, April 29 from 3-5pm at Oeno Vino, 3111 Glendale Blvd, in Atwater Village.
Better Lemons will be available to answer questions about our website and how our review aggregation provides some free benefits in promoting your shows/events and how to register.
This Meetup is specifically for anyone who:
~ Is promoting a theatre production in the Los Angeles area.
~ Is promoting a film, documentary or short in an LA-based festival.
~ Is promoting their writing, blog, or is looking to self-promote in general on social media.
Things you should to bring for this event (if you have):
* A business card and/or bar card/post card and/or 8 x 10 poster art of your show or project.
* A lap top or tablet (for notes, accessing apps and platforms) AND a smart phone or camera. (No video cameras or video taking.)
* Be ready to take notes and meet people. Networking encouraged before and after.
* Your focus. The presentation will not be long, but it will be packed with a of information.
Things to know:
Alcohol is served at this venue and food, wine, beer are available, however, they are NOT included with the Meetup, just be mindful of everyone’s electronics.
Plug-ins for laptops and devices are NOT available, so make sure they are charged before the event. Using Wi-Fi during the event is not required, however free Wi-Fi is in the area.
Audio recordings are fine but again please no video recordings or social media sharing during the presentation.
There will be networking after the Meet-up in the wine bar and, again, social media and information sharing will be encouraged.
This event is FREE
Seating is limited so please RSVP on Meet-Up or email Monique LeBleu.

ENCI is an actor and recently turned writer and director. She is an urban cyclist, passionate about living intentionally, about leaving less behind and about living healthy. Enci is a member of SAG and AFTRA and is on the board of the 501(c)4 Bikeside and is co-founder of the Bike Writers Collective. Enci teaches all over town about web etiquettes and social media and is involved with the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council where she serves on the Arts & Culture Committee. Enci is passionate about leaning new things and currently she is studying ASL. You can visit her at or read about her adventures at