Isolate.Meditate.Create with Jessica Lynn Johnson – Stay at Home Days 16 – 21

The Lemon


Everyday of the Stay at Home mandate of the COVID-19 crisis, Jessica Lynn Johnson, BEST NATIONAL SOLO ARTIST WINNER, invites you to create your one person play through her guided meditation and visualization. She encourages you to isolate, meditate, and create as an artistic community EVERY DAY as we are in the STAY AT HOME mode.

Day 15Recalling a great Love story from our lives.

Day 16Get in touch with a shameful secret, an embarrassing story, or the thing we thought we would never share with anyone.

Day 17Imagining climbing a mountain to reach our dreams and removing weights that hold us back.

Day 18Examining a life lesson that continues to circle back around and around again in our lives. 

Day 19 – Recalling a piece of Art that was meaningful to us.

Day 20 – Recalling a crossroad moment in our lives.

Day 21 – Recalling a holiday tradition.

Jessica Lynn Johnson, recipient of BEST NATIONAL SOLO ARTIST AWARD, is the Founder & CEO of Soaring Solo LLC, a company dedicated solely to the Direction & Development of one person plays. Jessica is passionate about the transformational power of solo theatre and has aided in the creation of over 100 solo shows (and still going strong)! Visit for more information on Jessica’s work Directing and Developing 1 Person Plays.