Festival Fringe Time in Hollywood 2018, Part II

Ernest Kearney

Writer, Registered Critic

This is Festival Fringe Time in Hollywood 2018 – Part II. Being the Hollywood Fringe, one should expect a few shows dealing with the lure of fame and the pitfalls of its pursuit.
And here's a few –

Tucker Rayl is the “Reality Star”

What is the secret shame of America in the 21th century?  No, not the guy in the White House, I'm talking Reality TV.  REALITY STAR tells the story of a disfigured actress whose disfigurement propels her into reality show fame.  Written and directed by Tucker Rayl.
Find More Show Information Here:  http://hff18.org/5037

Ai Yoshihara solos in “My Own Private River Phoenix”

Growing up in Japan Ai Yoshihara dreamt of coming to America and marrying River Phoenix and nothing was going to stop her.  Not even his death in front of the Viper Room in1993. The persistence of dreams provides for a “surprisingly messed up story” in MY OWN PRIVATE RIVER PHOENIX.
Find More Show Information Here:  http://hff18.org/5175

Melinda Grace assumes nearly a score of different characters in CONFESSIONS OF A HOPEFUL SOUTHERNER… IN FRONT OF STRANGERS
Tales drawn from the streets of New York, a young actress is shown the city by her private tour guide, Tennessee Williams.
More Show Information:  http://hff18.org/5095

Okay, just gonna toss some your way now, fast and furiously –

Cooper Bates weaves threads of his own life in BLACK WHEN I WAS A BOY, a tale of a teenager coming to manhood during the 70's in the clogged artery of the American heartland and its redneck Mecca the state of Kansas.
More Show Information:  http://hff18.org/4990

Tyrell Pickett (“Tell Me About Your Daddy”)

In TELL ME ABOUT YOUR DADDY, Tim the Twink, Jared the ex-Mormon Jock, the fabulous Luscious, and closeted SugarDaddy Don find themselves under the Freudian spotlight as Tyrell Pickett delights in deconstructing a medley of gay archetypes.  What should you expect?  “Playful, thought provoking…some penis jokes. A lot of penis jokes.”
More Show Information:  http://hff18.org/5129

Writer/Director of “House of Tales,” Changting Lu

Changting Lu directs an ensemble of Chinese actors (natives and “hyphenated”) in HOUSE OF TALES which will explore the history of China via its folktales and myths. More Show Information:  http://hff18.org/4948

Bill Posley Performs in Solo Show “The Day I Became Black”

Actor Bill Posley states your identity “is on trial” when growing up biracial in America. In THE DAY I BECAME BLACK, Posley gives us a glimpse into the “melting pot” of America, and a segment of our population that is expanding three times in excess of the national average.
More Show Information:  http://hff18.org/5310

T.S. Eliot's, The Wasteland became the mantra of the disillusioned youth of the 1920's, so possibly UNREAL CITY, (an immersive/interactive staging of Eliot's poem) will find resonance with today's Proto-YZ Millennials types.  Or, if not, maybe it will at least answer the question “bang” or “whimper?”
More Show Information:  http://hff18.org/5383

Keith Blaney, Creator/Performer – “F*ck Fiction : True Tales of Life and Death in Paradise”

Written and performed by Keith BlaneyF*CK FICTION: TRUE TALES OF LIFE AND DEATH IN PARADISE won the 2017 NOHO Fringe Award for Best Storytelling Show.  Let's see how he fares on this side of the hill.  With live musical accompaniment by Nikki Kelly.
More Show Information:  http://hff18.org/5214

THE ACTOR'S NIGHTMARE, Christopher Durang's breakthrough one-act, turns every actor's worst dream into a full-out laugh-fest.  This is likely your last chance of seeing it before it's designated as a “classic.”  Directed by Liisa Evastina.
More Show Information:  http://hff18.org/5258

Misty Monroe Clark Stars in “Unapologetically Black”

Misty Monroe, in trying to walk the line of “acceptance” between her black friends and her white friends, created for herself a model persona that was rejected by both and hid the struggles and failures of herself and her family.  UNAPOLOGETICALLY BLACK  tells her battle to win back her “authentic self.”
More Show Information:  http://hff18.org/4935

To see the entire list, please go to: TheTVolution.com/2018/05/festival-fringe-time-in-hollywood-2018-part-ii

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