Feeling Thankful, Feeling Hopeful!

Enci Box

Editor in Chief

I'm thankful for all that we accomplished in 2017 and I'm hopeful for all of the great plans we have for 2018!
Better Lemons wishes you a fantastic New Year, filled with inspiration, funding, creative energy, inspiring friends, and lots of audience members who will see your creation!
We have been in existence for a year now and I'm thankful for Todd Lipska, our Technologist, who keeps the site humming, for Stephen Box, who has supported the site with financing and outreach tools, for Sharon Box, who has been working on all the branding elements, including flyers, brochures, and online branding, and for Ashley Steed and Steve Fife who kept our site's content fresh and got the word out about Better Lemons.
Better Lemons is your go-to site for an up-to-date and most accurate LemonMeter rating of all registered shows in Los Angeles and beyond. The LemonMeter is made possible by our Registered Critics, who post their own rating (Sweet, Sweet and Sour, and Sour) of each show that is registered on our site. I'm extremely grateful to our critics, who take their time every week, to keep the LemonMeter current and accurate.
I want to thank our top Registered Critics, Steven Stanley (166 review ratings and excerpts), Rob Stevens (98), Ernest Kearney (64), Shari Barrett (63), and Deborah Klugman (63), as well as Carol Kaufman Segal (19), Cris Gross (2), Cynthia Citron (21), Dale Reynolds (23), Dan Berkowitz (15), Daniel Faigin (32), David MacDowell Blue (50), Daniella Litvak (8), Don Grigware (44), Ellen Dostal (31), Eric Gordon (34), Erin Conley (42), Frances Baum Nicholson (14), Gil Kaan (43), Jordan Riefe (5), Jordan Young (1), Katie Buenneke (7), Kurt Gardener (9), Laura Tull (6), Leigh Kennicott (15), Leo Buck (15), Lorenzo Marchessi (49), Michael Van Duzer (20), Monique LeBleu (6), Patrick Chavis (26), Rachel Flanagan (9), Ryan M. Luevano (31), Travis Michael Holder (45), and Willard Manus (13). Without these critics, our site wouldn't be as accurate and as dependable. These people love theater and these people love sharing their experiences with you, and I am are extremely grateful for that!
This year alone, we gathered over 2,560 reviews from critics and audience members from all over Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego, which keep the LemonMeter current.
For shows to be reviewed, they have to be registered on our site (which is free) and listed on our Calendar (also free). (Each show that is registered on our site, gets a show page with a custom link, ticketing link, and a place for audience members to leave a review and rate a show.) The top Publicists in Los Angeles are making sure that their shows are on our site, so that the shows can receive a LemonMeter rating, thus raise awareness of all the great shows in Los Angeles and beyond.
Our top Publicists are Lucy Pollak and Philip Sokoloff (registered 54 shows), David Elzer (39 shows), Sandra Kuker (24 shows), Judith Borne (18 shows), Sandra Zeitzew (15), and Nora Feldman (5). We are grateful for their involvement in theater and their support with Better Lemons. They register shows as well as send us all the shows reviews, so we can add them to our LemonMeter.
In 2017 a total of 331 Producers and Publicists registered their shows which adds up to over 900 registered shows.
This list wouldn't be complete if I didn't mention the tireless contributors since January of last year, Nikay Nipp (aka Ashton Marcus)Gil Kaan, and  Roger Q Mason. They have shared their passion with our readers all year long and enriched our theater experiences. Nikay Nipp engaged in 57 audio interviews that he edited and uploaded to YouTube (this is his new YouTube channel) to share with us.  Gil Kaan held 47 interviews this past year! And Roger Q Mason wrote several articles and already some new ones lined up for 2018.
I am also grateful for all the theater companies who have listed their show on our site, especially those who have done so on a regular basis. Thanks to The Chance Theatre, Zombie Joe's Underground, and Rubicon Theatre Company, our Calendar is always filled with exciting new shows and events.
As we move into the new year, I want to express my gratitude to everyone who helped shape Better Lemons and who continue to believe in our mission to get the word out about theater, the performance art, and independent artists!
I would love to hear from you about what you like about Better Lemons, how it could improve, what additions you would like to see, and other things that could shape the future of this theater and arts website. Please fill out this quick survey and help us grow together in supporting local theatre and artists! Everyone who fills out the survey will be entered into a drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card.
With gratitude!
Enci Box

ENCI is an actor and recently turned writer and director. She is an urban cyclist, passionate about living intentionally, about leaving less behind and about living healthy. Enci is a member of SAG and AFTRA and is on the board of the 501(c)4 Bikeside and is co-founder of the Bike Writers Collective. Enci teaches all over town about web etiquettes and social media and is involved with the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council where she serves on the Arts & Culture Committee. Enci is passionate about leaning new things and currently she is studying ASL. You can visit her at http://EnciPerforms.com or read about her adventures at http://illuminateLA.com