Audience: Randy Marquis


Gray People (2019 Extension)

I had the distinct pleasure of seeing this show on opening night and everything the critics have written here so far is true. I also saw Kerry Kaz's "Wounded" at Fringe and was very much looking forward to seeing Force of Nature Productions bring "Grey People" to life on the Belfrey stage. I was not at all disappointed. All of the actors give standout performances. Kyle Felts is at times both gruff and vulnerable. Walter Kartman is mostly innocent and sweet, but reveals plenty more with just a momentary glance. Olivia Lemmon, as the multifaceted Jenny, stole the show for me, providing a level of dangerous energy that consistently ups the stakes as she vacillates between the two men. Director Sebastian Munoz deftly conducts the trio, gently playing the light notes for laughs and giving the dark notes room to breath. The wooded setting was a character unto itself, and the stagecraft, from the set to the lighting and sound to the costumes and makeup were all brilliantly executed by the production team. In short, I highly recommend seeing "Grey People." You will leave having not only been entertained but with perhaps a better understanding of human emotion and motivation.