Audience: Ely Orta


Houses Without Walls

A powerhouse production all around. Houses Without Walls evoked deep trauma that I have struggled for years to confront because I left my home in search of a better life just like the characters in this play. De Leon's gut punching emotions ranging from comedic sensibilities to tragic drama laced with an honest vulnerable interpretation of Candela are ingredients for a stellar performance that will haunt me for weeks. Hojas performance reminds of the scary aunt In Hand maidens tale, Magdalenas humorous character changes from fragile to distraught and all of this going from 0-100 in 45 min is an amazing testament to strong women working together to tell a story that helps one heal from traumatic experiences that can scar one if not confronted and this is the type of show that allows one to feel the emotions that help heal. The QA was a great experience to hear how all of the women were connected to this gut wrenching material. Sad that this is still happening with families separated and the guilt that one has from wanting a better life is something that is rarely talked about. Phenomenal show that I loved thank you ladies great job!