Non-Registered Critics: Victor Kong


Mayakovsky and Stalin

In its diffidence towards humanization, Mayakovsky and Stalin does not seem to expect characters to produce depth or personality. It's that lack of emotion that allows us to see its characters as nothing more than a summation of all their philosophies. It is thematically challenging to execute, though Mednick has done it with calculating detachment-much to the benefit of its narrative.

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100 Aprils

Some stories can cut to the chase so quickly that they know to tell "lightning in a bottle" moments of time. "100 Aprils" is set in such a continuous moment of a psychiatric ward, told in real life. Yet stories of that ilk deserve clearer substance. Ayvazian's play recalls an experimental structure not unlike Luis Buñuel. In its characters, in its structure, in its narrative, there's an unnerving message that has a germ of potential in its ambiguity. But if only we could figure it out easier.

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