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Law and Order: the Musical!

This is all very smart, if at times very silly, stuff and even manages to sneak in some pungent commentary about issues like gender and the state of the legal system. The 80-minute show moved briskly in front of an enthusiastic full 71-seat house on opening night. Particular kudos to jack-of-all-roles Kerr Lordygan, and to Godfrey Flax, who brings wit and great pipes to standout smaller parts.

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Beyond the soul, however, there is the heart, and the beating heart of a Blue Man Group performance are the kids. Since my wife had to work, I brought my mother-in-law to the show, and she wholeheartedly agreed with this observation. Sitting a row behind us, a little boy sounded like Peter Pan on his first adventure. Expressing joy and amazement to his mom at every beat, his vibrant experience of Blue Man Group is the key to their ongoing success. Such an otherworldly magic in today's world that lights up the eyes of a child is worth every penny spent. It cannot be forgotten.

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What is so remarkable about Hershey Felder’s matchless talent is how he weaves everything together, including the music and the biography of his subjects, to create an effervescent tapestry of a composer’s life. As he reveals the legacy of Claude Debussy in Hershey Felder: A Paris Love Story, something new happens as well. For the first time, Felder’s revelations are deeply personal as well. There is something exhilarating about those moments when the curtain is pulled back and Felder’s own life is bared. Given such an intimate opportunity, Hershey Felder: A Paris Love Story is a highlight of the summer season that should not be missed.

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What Matters Now?/! (Another Political Pop-Up of the Theatrical Kind)

Artistic Director Martha Demson started the festival after President Trump's election while thinking about the role of theatre in the aftermath. Demson and company searched out plays with narratives that were true to the writer's intent with being neither to heavy or slight and it made for an immediate hit. This is the company's second year at Atwater Village.

It's an evening you won't forget and will surely enjoy.

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Given some time, some better contextualization (for instance, lighting the interstitial videoclips so they are visible) and maybe some funds, this could grow up to be a hoot. For now, it's recommended mostly if you are already in on the joke.

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Short+Sweet Hollywood

I really enjoyed all performances and dance films and I would like to remind all the film, dance and art lovers that it's not too late to show your support to all those people who were blessed with an amazing talent and were courageous and bold enough to pursue it. Finalists in the Short + Sweet Hollywood Festival will give encore performances starting October 18th at Marilyn Monroe Theatre in West Hollywood.

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The performance illuminated the artistic values of innovation and inclusion... The many delights of this production include realistically shabby soldiers' costumes and rousing martial arts-style swordplay. Enjoy them while you can before the tragic sadness of the story starts to overtake you!

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This production has a nice set, costumes, hair and make-up and some very fine moments but what will make this Motherf*cker with the Hat sing is the simple art of listening and reacting. Otherwise, it comes across as an old sitcom or daytime soap on steroids. More rehearsals or a mix-up of the dual cast might help these capable actors grow.

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