Non-Registered Critics: Tom Waldman


Musket and the Rat

There is nothing the least bit noble about the characters who populate Musket and the Rat, including the various customers who drop by for drugs, but neither are they presented as cautionary tales. Horowitz and director Simon Lees have affection for Musket and her makeshift family, but no right-thinking person would want to become a member.

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The playwright (who also directs) skillfully guides us through a fascinating, if all-too-brief chapter in Armenian history.

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The Scorpion and the Frog: a time-killer

Although this one act, 55-minute piece has the virtue of brevity, even busy people will find themselves wishing for more...

Director Matthew Leavitt provides his talented cast the room to try and the wisdom to not try too hard. When the actors individually address the audience it never seems like mugging but a charming way of sharing confidences.

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Boss switches from character to character, accent to accent, with astonishing facility and ease. Even with our seatbelts securely fastened—Uprooted uses air travel as a framing device—it can feel as though we are roaming about the cabin, running alongside the actress from one end of the stage to the other...

Jessica Lynn Johnson’s direction keeps the assemblage of fast-moving scenes tight and coherent.

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5 Women Wearing the Same Dress

Benita Nall stands out in a wonderful cast, which includes Ilea Alfaro, Colleen Donovan, B. Jordan Reed, Emily Rued, and Jamie Renée Smith. Director Julie Nunis allows the comedy to flourish.

I can’t imagine attending a funnier production of this play.

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