Publicist: thethea


Fallen Stars at the Charity Sale

This was the most charming piece of interactive theater that I have participated in in a long time! The items… they're more than just items. And even when you're just watching it's more than just watching. And you really do get to keep something if you buy it. I got to see a story that's never the same twice! It's kinda magical really. And now I have a monkey. And he's pretty rad. And I can see how the impact of this monkey can be hard to convey as a review, but the actor that portrayed the monkey made it impossible to not want to be that monkey's new companion. But you won't get the same story I did. The items… characters… thoughtful and compelling. I'm sure consistently. At first I was bummed because I initially wound up with one dollar, which was not enough to buy anything. However… different people were given different amounts, so some interaction with audience members was needed too. Maybe, just maybe have some tiny thing for someone to buy with one dollar… but then again maybe not. Encouraging pooling and interaction instead of blowing cash on small things did eventually work out. My friend got me the monkey, and I was so grateful. So totally ignore this as a bad thing after all. 🙂