Audience: Susy


Canceled/Postponed - Tales of Modern Motherhood: Part 2 Gender and Identity This sh*t just TRANS…formed

Pam Levin is an a class all her own. She gives her audiences a raw and up close peek into her experience as a mother faced with a choice and a life changing decision of her 5 year old child. Pam’s acting , dancing, storytelling, and overall presence on stage is captivating and masterful. This show is not to be missed, and Pam Levin is a star who opens up her heart and generously allows us to see inside her soulful journey as a mom to a child whose fierce passion and sense of self gives Pam experiences and emotions she never dreamed she would face. This play is a beautiful piece , a love letter to the pure spirit of her child, and a tribute to parental unconditional love and acceptance.