Publicist: Steven Vlasak


Cirque du Giselle

If you're reading this to decide if you should see this show, the answer is YES! This is the sort of extravagant presentation you'd gladly pay $100+ to see at the Pantages or Music Center. It's got it all, a wonderfully talented and athletic cast, great costumes and staging, and ultimately an extremely moving and emotional story. With only two remaining shows on 6/22 and 6/23... GO!




The true account behind “Special” and the ill-advised creation of the 1987 “Star Wars Holiday TV Special” has the very real potential to be the next “The Disaster Artist” (The Room) or the behind-the-scenes expose for Trolls 2, some of the sincerely worst popular entertainment ever created. And the fact that Bruce Villanch, the self-aware perpretator of this cringe-worthy extravaganza appears both on stage as a key character and was also in attendance in a the flesh on the night I attended made this the high point of at least my entire day! It all gets a little muddled with everyone playing multiple characters, and with perhaps too-much over-concern over how much Satire can skewer existing IP, but the core account here is certainly worth a look, and it's my New Hope that this ambitious and at times hilarious production will lead to an even more fully realized telling of this pop space-opera spaceship-wreck.



Nights at the Algonquin Round Table

This play so amazingly recreates the style I was unsure if it was a new play. Some of the best casting I have seen at a Fringe show as well. The cast recreates the style of the period without seeming stagy or disconnected to reality. One of the best written and acted theater pieces I have seen in Hollywood.