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The Bogeyman

Desiring something a bit out of the ordinary this Valentine’s Day weekend? Then look no further, as Zombie Joe’s Underground in North Hollywood, CA, is serving up “full contact horror” immersive theatre performances on both Friday and Saturday nights of their latest show “The Bogeyman,” and it’s a wild and provocative ride… and one in which you (and your date) will undertake blindfolded.

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URBAN DEATH TOUR OF TERROR: Haunted Theatre Attraction!

Zombie Joe’s Underground Urban Death Tour of Terror offers up a 45 minute experience that is at once both uniquely personal and one enjoyed by an audience (the collective gasps and laughter, both nervous and otherwise, during the performance were contagious...

Part maze, part theatre, and all terrifying, Zombie Joe’s Underground delivers for this October season the “Urban Death Tour of Terror,” and for ... haunt fans.

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