Audience: Sandra Booker


Embrace Love Free

Justin Sandler's one-man show "Embrace-Love-Free" is a rollercoaster ride down the rabbit hole of cancer and a shining testament to the human will to live with grace, joy and happiness steeped in the reality that mortality is inevitable. It eloquently exposes the horrors of cancer, the battle to beat it and the importance of embracing that which we do not control. It is raw and pulls no punches but it is personal, intimate and bold. It sugar coats nothing and leaves you laughing from you belly to balling like a baby. The use of various characters to tell this important and timely story add dimension to the range of emotions that take over from the instant he takes the stage. For those in the trenches, go see this play, and for those on the sidelines, or perhaps too afraid to face the big C, you owe it to yourself to take this journey that will forever change the way you look at someone who is fighting this horrible disease. Sandler brilliantly and seamlessly tells the story of life before, during, and most importantly, after cancer, with humor, honestly and most of all, love. A MUST SEE!