Audience: robin greene


Canceled/Postponed - Tales of Modern Motherhood: Part 2 Gender and Identity This sh*t just TRANS…formed

how do you prepare for something when you have no clue? you respond with love. this mom brings us with her as she handles her little girl wanting to be a boy. disclaimer- i know this kid, and i know this mom, and i had NO idea how heartbreaking AND uplifting the journey so far has been. none. questions i would never have thought of were answered. at one point, i cried a little and the woman next to me, a stranger, patted my arm, as she too was teary. this show should be seen by all. it would help to dispel the assumed. people wonder “how can a kid know so young” and this “performance”, really a retelling of this part of her family’s life, explains it. the only downfall: that people who will see it is about gender and identity and will not come are exactly the people that should see it. it is PHENOMENAL. now 3 more shows are added. she is clearly doing it right. bring a few tissues and a few friends. and the whitefire theater, just such a warm inviting atmosphere. so go. really. a 10 plus. (to person reading before this is posted- i dont know what that means below - the review url but i am just another mom, not a critic)